Floating on the Tsumani of Love

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The ascension weather is getting interesting. Whew! Some are feeling the intensity. We are getting some upgrades in so many ways, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. Maybe you read about astrology and know about a grand cross and some eclipses this month. Maybe you have heard others say there is an acceleration of energies. Some people I know are feeling it, on the physical and also the other levels. Headaches, insomnia, and fatigue are symptoms that I have heard about and felt too even though I personally dismiss the concept of ascension symptoms because I don't have a need to experience them in order to know a shift is happening. The veils are getting thinner in that multidimensional experiences through dreams or in a waking state is happening to individuals. Sudden epiphanies are coming through. A new altered state of being is being felt.

Tsunami of Celestial Light and Love

I took the experience of “increased intensity of the shift” into meditation to ask what this time is about and was shown some images to explain it. I see a tsunami, but don't be frightened by that, as it is a tsunami of celestial light and lovecoming at us. I see little broken pieces of furniture floating in the water such as a table leg. This is a representation of how the underpinnings, the foundations of our lives and also the systems in our physical world are being broken up and swept away by the tsunami of love. That which is not of the high vibrational nature of love and the light coming into earth is being hit so it breaks down and floats away. This could be that some relationships that are not working, jobs we hate, routines, where we live are changing; as it can effect just about anything to which we are attached. It could be seen as a time of chaos. It is a clean sweeping of that which no longer serves. I was shown that this now is a golden opportunity to remake ourselves. 

Somehow we have to be unstuck from the status quo. We have to see the illusions and stop collectively believing in them. For example, seeing manipulation playing out in the world in patterns and no longer being willing to believe in it individually and collectively changes it. It is a retracting of a being part of a collective agreement that it has to happen. Eyes wide open-  are we noticing patterns? And we wonder how do we change the patterns? Well, they are seen and in seeing them, instant change is possible. Awareness is change. These sudden epiphanies of seeing beyond the surface, the veil, or the habitual everyday living is what I mean. The tsunami is making this possible as it is raising our vibration to a higher level in which we see the bigger picture. 

How do we cope with this intensity? Ride the waves. Know this is an ocean of oneness we are able to float upon. That which is not truth; that which is not for the highest good is being shaken loose from the moorings on which it stands. We are adapatable. We have what it takes to swim our way to the surface and the light. We can ask for help and guidance within to know the way. We have to trust our heart inside with intuition and attunement.


Get your floatation devices! Anything that gives you bouyancy which is a positive outlook to weather this storm is what you need. Positive affirmations, laughter, thoughts, with a optimistic outlook go a long way to deal with adversity. This is temporary, this washing through of divine love taking us all to a higher place. There is a higher purpose to all of this which is to bring our lives and the resonance of earth to a higher octave. Resistance gets you in trouble whereas floating to the surface helps you. 


I was seeing the aftermath of the tsunami which leaves things in different locations than before. It rearranges your life, however it rearranges it for your highest good if you trust it. You will be floated to the perfect opportunities, people, information, and influences. Go with the flow this month. Imagine that in the piles of material things rearranged, that there is treasure, the treasure of your highest potential. Bring fortitude for weathering the flooding, the waves, the chaos and know that Lady Fortuna is smiling upon you wanting to bring you to a new place. We are going to new places individually and together. 

The other thing about this tsunami aftermath is seeing the bare earth. It represents how truth of what is there is exposed. There are inner revelations of truth- trust this unfolding inside. There are outer revelations within the collective of truth coming out. See under the surface, under the detritus and chaos. Ride and float on the waves, and remember to bring your buoyancy that will keep you afloat. The true authentic self you are is being exposed. This ocean of love we swim in is allowing a fluidity to reality. It allows us to play if we keep heading toward the light on the surface. Remember your treading water, your flotation devices, and to help one another. Be the lighthouse when you can shine. We are here to love one another and help one another through. We are here to walk one another home. This means wayshowers are being called to share what they know and assist now. The call within you is there and getting louder, so follow with some inspired action when you are able to. You are completely supported by the ocean. 


Trust that synchronicity along with divine orchestration will bring you to the perfect time, the perfect place always. Live with gratitude and positive expectation. Trust you know your way, intuitively, even if you figure it out in the moment. Time is an illusion, so there is only now. Newsflash: there is no plan. However you are divinely held and protected and have everything you need to thrive.  

May it be so, 

With love- Shannon Luminance River

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