Free healing offered through source based homeopathy and a bit bout me

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Howdy y'all,


I have been a regular visiter of this site for a very long time.  I currently reside in the 7th dimension and transmute sound.  I guess it is fitting since I'm a musician among many other things.  I did my post graduate studies in homeopathy and studied source based homeopathy which is esoteric in the homeopathic community.  Basically I find the source your energy is attracted to you and use the homeopathic form of it to re-allign the energy and to remove the manifestation of disease of the dis-harmony of energy.  Due to my morality, I am unable to charge for this service because I believe health does not come at a price.  I also have holistic health centre which is a charity where I live to serve my believe, I however do not practise there because I am a woman who has a lot more to do.  I do know that some people are unable to access such services because of their current econmic situation which I know is changing or because such services is not offered in their area. 


If you are suffering from any ailment, and you would like to some homeopathic treatment with no cost to you, please contact me or add me to skype at justagirltm and we can arrange a consultation which can take anywhere from half hour to 2 hours depending on how deep your case is.  To let you know ahead of time it feels like psychoanalysis however, nothing is analized, it is just seems that way because I need to find the energetic dynamic you are stuck in in order to find the remedy to release you from it.  Homeopathy heals the psychee, emotional and spiritual bodies and the the physical changes are just the manifestation of the harmony of the psycee, emotional and spiritual bodies. 


Apart from healing through homeopathy, during my nightly travels I do alot of shamanic healing to wherever my energy is needed. 


2013 is an amazing year and I am proud to be part of the change as I am sure you are too.