GFP Newsletter - 6/29/2020

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When you enter into the world of Zen there is no-mind. Zen is equivalent to no-mind. It is not freedom of the mind, it is freedom from the mind, and there is a lot of difference, an unbridgeable difference. The mind is not free, you are free of the mind. The mind is no longer there, free or unfree, the mind has simply ceased. You have gone through a new door which was always available to you but you had never knocked on it -- the door of being, the door of eternity.

Zen, the very word "Zen" comes from the Sanskrit word DHYANA. DHYANA means meditation, but the word "meditation" does not carry its total significance. "Meditation" again gives you the feeling that mind is doing something: mind meditating, concentrating, contemplating, but mind is there. DHYANA simply means a state of no-mind, no concentration, no contemplation, no meditation, in fact -- but just a silence, a deep, profound silence where all thoughts have disappeared; where there is no ripple in the lake of consciousness; when the consciousness is functioning just like a mirror reflecting all that is -- the stars, the trees, the birds, the people, all that is -- simply reflecting it without any distortion, without any interpretation, without bringing in your prejudices. That's what your mind is: your prejudices, your ideologies, your dogmas, your habits.



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