GFP Newsletter - 8/2/2020

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There is no higher, no lower; there is no hierarchy in existence at all. It is just one cosmic whole, it is an organic unity.

But the egoist has always been trying to divide people into different categories: the ignorant, the enlightened; the sinners, the saints; the criminals, the virtuous; the notorious, the famous; the moral, the immoral. The game is the same: divide people and then try to belong to the higher category so you can pretend to be "holier than thou."

Hence I want it to be continuously remembered by you that there are no peaks and there are no valleys; we all belong to one oceanic whole. The smallest blade of grass is as significant as the greatest star. They all participate in the same cosmic play, they all contribute to its beauty, to its joy, to its song, to its celebration. The existence will be less even if a small blade of grass is missing; there will be something lacking, there will be an emptiness.



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