Give Love A Try

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Note: I am not usually into writing poetry but I was guided this morning to write this poem. I received confirmation that my guides and angels were working together with me on this when I unknowingly posted it on my blog at precisely 11:11. Feel free to share freely, with proper credit. Love & Light, Rach


my heart is breaking
the angels cry
a nation is mourning
questioning why


answers won’t come easy
some may never be found
for now, we can open our hearts
to let the sorrow drown


we can argue about guns
and we can argue about motives
yet all the while
families and friends speak votives


my heart is breaking
and the angels cry
what difference could I be making?
my mind gives no reply


it’s no small feat
to fix a world broken
but i’ll start small, and
continue until everyone has woken


it’s a fact i know that
true change starts within
so i’ll start with a smile
and call everyone my friend


and someday i know
this philosphy will expand
to include one and all
in each and every land


my heart is mending
the angels tears are dry
we’re all in this together
let’s give Love a try