The Grayness Before Spring

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Dear Ones,

You cannot envision your future, and your present is not exactly what you hoped for. This causes you to worry that what you have now is all there is - anger, fear, and angst. And those closest to you do not seem that close anymore. You feel isolated and alone - and, most of all, exhausted. Fears that many of you are experiencing quietly.

Your life is not joyful or fun. It is just the same-old with the added fear that this is all there is.

You might feel something happening within you, but that something does not seem to produce joy, new thoughts, or actions. You are bored and frightened. All you sacrificed for months or years does not seem as if it is producing anything we of the Universes prophesized.

Some of you moving about more - with fewer connections feeling as if they are part of your heart. Others of you continue your isolation with a bit of jealousy of those who dare to interact. 

Your 3D friends and relatives no longer feel right. And those you became attached to since initiating your transition feel unreachable. It is a lonely time.

This phase will be short-lived, as is true in the gray beginnings of spring - until tree buds open to brilliant greens and the flowers are once again dancing.

We of the Universes want you to know that your spring is on time. This in-between phase will be short-lived. But just as you cannot imagine that green grass, colorful flowers, and tree leaves will appear within days, it is impossible to imagine how your life will become vibrant within days.

Allow this phase to give you the inner strength you require for your new life. Even though your new life will be vibrant, just as spring is for the earth, there are pieces you need to review and discard.

You en masse no longer wish to maintain some pieces you initially thought would be acceptable for you to achieve joy in your new world. You decided to live in this new world with a clean slate - as has everyone transitioning beyond 3D.

So you are clearing more than you thought possible before entering the earth in this lifetime. You decided a life of just enough is not enough, given the ongoing expertise provided by multiple Universal elements and your completion of the seemingly impossible goal of helping shift the earth and yourself in one lifetime.

You decided to go for the gold.

So it is you are sloughing off more than you thought possible in one lifetime, including that which was so deeply hidden you did not know it was within you - consciously or subconsciously.

Of course, that last thought appears impossible. Even though a complete clearing was not necessary to create your new life, your life will sparkle more because of it.

As has been true throughout your transition, you continue to surprise yourself and others with your stamina, dedication, and ability to accept the new.

This new you is a dynamic, inner-power-driven being who will stun the Universes once you shift from this somewhat cloudy end of winter to your sparkling spring.

In the meantime, those who do not wish to be in your new radiance will slip away.

You are becoming you in all your glory - more quickly than you imagine, but not as rapidly as first predicted because you are clearing beyond what you or we of the Universes expected to be possible in one lifetime. A clearing that is fogging your brain and your physical being as lifetime after lifetime of fear and pain is tossed aside.

You are far more powerful and glorious than you realize - especially during this early gray spring. Allow yourself to shed what you wish without fear or angst, for you declared your new goal achievable here and now. And so it is. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda's Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her "Blog & Subscribe" website page ( and click the – Subscribe to Brenda's Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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