Great Lakes ice cover spreading rapidly; see which lake set a new record

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By: Mark Torregrossa, 02/06/2014

Ice continued to build this past week on the Great Lakes due to the cold air and temperatures staying below freezing, and Lake Superior's new record shows it. The lake is 92 percent frozen, toppling a 20-year-old record of 91 percent set on Feb. 5, 1994. That statistic helped total Great Lakes ice cover soar, and we can expect to see more form in coming days.

The air temperatures this past week averaged around five degrees below normal for the Great Lakes area. This amount of deviation from normal means it was a fairly cold week. As of February 5, 2014, the entire Great Lakes system is now reportedly covered 77 percent with ice, according to the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory.


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Global warming?

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Global warming is a ploy by the PTB for taking actions "designed" to protect us, but in reality give them the ability to manipulate the weather to their liking and begin programs to further control humanity. In truth, a new mini-ice age is occurring. Get out those sweaters!