Happening Soon, in a Theater Near You

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Life, the Universe and Everything! The thyme has come to say Ubuntu to you. The whirled is changing, we the people need to lead ourselves. Being and doing are participatory endeavors, take part in first hand learning. There are immediate needs for people with expertise in journalism, construction, legal thought and botany/herbology. The path we travel is the one less taken - developing different models for different community basis.

The campus is in the pacific northwest ... the goal is to learn contributionism by building a rural natural resource base sustainable education facility. One project, Hectares for Xerxes, will feature donation of 2 acre plots for rotational bee crops like borage, flax and hemp. Please be able to discuss Ringing Cedars, Mondragon economics and/or Sovereignty.. Make contact by response here, no more will be revealed for the thyme being.

doc (lemme's alter ego @ thymehowdt.com)