Hard Rain

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Published on Oct 21, 2013 by Eric Gibson


Voted best documentary
on the subject of oneness ,by the circle of love foundation. Hard rain delivers a powerful message!!! Directed and produced by former New york City Police Officer E.B Gibson.Hard rain is a investigation into a strange phenomena..All hurricanes follow the same route as the slave ships which traveled along the famed "middle Passage .

Director / producer
Eric B. Gibson delivers a spellbinding and at times mesmerizing investigative documentary experience, exploring the mysterious occurrence of hurricanes following the same path as the slave ships that traveled along the famed, "Middle Passage"

This film is for independent thinkers who like to weigh evidence and make their own determination. Does human consciousness have any affect on hurricanes and other natural disasters.?
Did the spirits of once enslaved people linger on in the form of energy fields? Are these energy fields responsible for hurricanes and other strange occurrences along the Atlantic sea board and the Devils triangle, or as some people claim, have the dead returned to free the living ?

They whisper their story
through the thunderous storms
exposing their terror
taking ghostly forms.
They crash on the shore

while they search for more.
They are,
The Windtalkers
- Ulla Anderson

Special thanks to Dick Gregory, Deepak Chopra, Desmond Tu Tu,Nelson Mandela, Ulla Anderson,Gregg Braden,John Haggelin, and a host of other noteworthy Scientists and humanitarians who
contribute to helping us unlock the mystery and answer the question: is human consciousness responsible for Hurricanes and other natural disasters?While working on this documentary i could feel a strange channel of communication between myself and those once tormented souls,who today are free. They wish for their stories to be told.I'm thankful for being given the opportunity to tell it.




Why to deny its presence?

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These are the consequences of the presence of a newcomer to our solar system: A smaller solar system, a brown dwarf star about the size of Uranus, accompanied with one planet having itself a moon. Two water eddies intermingling, two waves of light interfering one another, two sounds mixing, one of a low pitch, the other of a higher one: two lovers in a passionate encounter, to engender a new life, to overcome death, to overcome entropy, to reach a higher level of vibration in order to persevere, to live longer. 

Why to hide such a trascendental event?