HEALING OF AND FOR THE Anniversary of Hanging of 38 Dakota Akicita Native Americans Indians That were hung on December 28, 1862

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HEALING OF AND FOR THE Anniversary of Hanging of 38 Dakota Akicita Native Americans Indians That were hung on December 28, 1862.  In Mankato Mn Ordered by Abraham Lincoln.


I was lead to do this healing with the assistance of Chief Black Hawk, White Calf Buffalo Woman, Flow Huber(Retentive in physical, was Black Hawks wife in past life) Indian Chiefs, Warriors Leaders were invited to come to healing today. 


Healing of the 38 men that were Hung - Karma cleared, Healing of Ancestors.


The Following Ancestors were also invited to receive healing for themselves, there tribes and all of there people from the time this took place to the current.

All were Healed, through there hearts, with forgiveness, unconditional love, releasing of all pain and suffering, all emotional, physical trauma, and restored of the mind,body,soul.


The places were these traumatic events happened were asked  to be healed as well as it will act like a web and spread out and continue to heal the land as the ancestors bring this energy back to there people from the ancestors of the past. All People Stated below were taken to a Sacred Healing Chamber for healing of themselves as well now having that connection and path of where to take other ancestors of there tribes to receive the same healing. This is a open portal for them of healing.  I shared a white sacred peace pipe with them after this process completed.


Use of the 11th Ray with 4 Elementals, Lady Quan Yin, chohan, Lady Mary were use with healing symbols of: Peace with the body, Peace with culture, Peace with Family, Peace with Heavenly Mother/Father God, Peace with Humanity, Peace with Mind,Body, Soul, Spiritual Freedom, Spiritual Balance, Soul Family Connections, Release, Regeneration, New Hu-Man.


All Ancestors with the assistance of White Calf Buffalo Woman were taken this work back to there tribes to share, and heal.


The Ancestors who were at this Healing: Geronimo, Chief Joseph, Benito Juarez Zapoteca, Cinon Mataweer Kumeyaay, Tecumseh Shawnee, Adam Castillo Cahuilla, Chief Hatam Kumeyaay, Charles Curtis Kaw, Captain Jack Modoc, Crazy Horse, chief Manuelito, American Horse, Anna Prieto-Sandoval, Kumeyaay, chief Dan George Tsleil-Waututh, Richard Milanovich Cahuilla, Manges Coloradas, Black Hoof, Cochise, Red jacket Seneca, Chief Seattle Duwamish, Shacknasty JIM Modoc, Red Cloud, Standing Bear Ponca, Sitting Bull,Chief Pontiac, Osceola Seminole Wilma Mankiller Cherokee, Big Foot, Black Elk, Black Kettle, Blue Jacket, Billy Bowlegs, Joseph Brant, Buckongahelas, Touch the Clouds, Long Horn, Mangas Coloradas, Cornplanter Cornstalk, Hayowentha, Chief Logan, Neolin, Opchanacanough, Osceola, King Philip, Tenskwatawa, Rain-in-the-Face, Lozen, Red cloud, Red Jacket Major Ridge, Sakayengwaraton, Shingas, Chief Swift Bird, Wovka.


I Thank with much Gratitude and assistance of: White Buffalo Calf Woman, Black Hawk, all participants who came, St. Germain, Master Kuthumi, Isis, Jesus, Lake Mary, Chohan, Lady Quan Yin, God  for there help with this healing today.








Healing of the Event .....

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Thank you LynMarie, we need these healings to lighten the heavy spirits still lingering. So much injustice and negative energies were foisted on our Native ancestors, because they knew the truth and tried to fight back. Your work is invaluable in these endeavors. Please continue it!