HILARION ~ Beloved Ones,

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November 28 – December 4, 2010

Beloved Ones,

Many of you have been deep into introspection in the past few weeks and are evaluating all that has occurred in the year that is almost ended. It was a year of letting go of all patterns that have been subconsciously present in your cells for a very long time, sometimes for many lifetimes. This cleansing is very necessary and can be likened to taking a sponge, soaking  up all that was spilled and then wringing it out until the water runs clean. In this case, the ‘water’ is prana or life force. All that has hindered the easy and natural flow of prana through your body system is being “worked upon” and each time you intend and decree Light, what comes forth from the deepest levels of your Being is all that is not Light until it is completely cleansed from your system. It is uncomfortable for you, we know, because you assumed that you had already been through this process, in your previous years of growth into your life as a wayshower and should have already been ready to take on the greater Light of your Lightbody.

Your Lightbody is anchoring within you in as comfortable a way as is possible and sometimes it does not feel comfortable, nevertheless, know that progress is being made and your cells are renewing themselves and holding more Light now. Our advice is to let go the ego and sit in surrender to your Great I AM Presence in utter simplicity of openness, love, trust and humility and just be still. Many times, Beloved Ones, you suffer because you feel you must be doing something actively in order to fulfill your own growth and potential and you become frustrated when it does not transpire. This then, is the time for surrender, peace and calm, staying in a state of waiting, incubation, if you will, while a metamorphosis takes place within you. Honoring the signals of your physical, mental and emotional body is very important at this time. If your body feels tired all of a sudden, listen and take time to lay down and rest. If you suddenly feel enormously thirsty, take the time right then to drink at least two glasses of water, blessing the water that you take into your body. Remember, you are now becoming conscious alchemists and learning to become very aware of self in every moment.

The mastery of this process will help you make leaps and bounds in your spiritual journey, for this is the way to understand yourself as the Spiritual Being who is embodying your body elemental for the purpose of experiencing Itself in you and through you as you. Learning to see the beauty and wonder in every thing around you is a big step forward on your Path, for everything upon the Earth is unique and incredible in itself, every little thing. Even the tiniest little cell in your body is a fully conscious entity and just loves to be acknowledged as such. All works in unison to provide a form that is healthy, whole and perfectly functioning for your Higher Self to experience in the here and now. Some of you are beginning to ask questions out loud and then answering yourselves. This is a conversation that is actually taking place with your Higher Self and we encourage you to continue in this practice, for it creates an open connection for the free flowing of insight, guidance and direction for you, each and every day, although we do understand, that talking to yourself while walking along an aisle at Wal-Mart might cause some curious looks from others around you! In this case, do it more discretely but do it, Dear Ones, for greater integration is now taking place on all levels of your Being, not just the physical.

We continue to assist when called upon to do so and literally stand beside you each day waiting for your call. Your growth to the next level is very important to the overall Plan in raising the Light quotient upon your Planet. Whatever difficulty you may have found yourself in, tune in with us and ask for assistance. We cannot live your life for you, but we most certainly can guide you onto the path of least resistance and greater integration. It bears repeating often, Beloved Hearts, that each of you are loved beyond measure and are treasured deeply by your Family of Light.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff