HS Message - The Rebirth

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by April Bender

A Hearty Congratulations is in order!!! This last month has seen the commencement of your beautiful rebirth into a heightened Multidimensional Oneness of Self state (the prelude to donning what many have deemed full Christ/Buddha Consciousness or ascension). The great in-breath period of May 27 through June 11 or so, brought not only enormous Inner Shifts, Transformation, and Restructuring but also a culmination of the Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process - for you as well as other Warriors of Light. For countless others woven into the 5D-7D Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life, the sequencing process has only just hit its stride. But for those of the first hour - (or the nodal points of the Higher Collective Mind/Web) your time has come, as by now you undoubtedly know.

You've gone from the very early days of being lost/adrift within a vast sea of Self to now, standing firmly at the center of your own multidimensional and/or multifaceted DIAMOND CONSCIOUSNESS. You now have mastership of this "control tower" position, and can choose at will which facet (window) of your diamond (soul) to gaze through at any given time - or even perhaps gaze through all at the same time, as all of your various soul fragments/incarnations/parallel selves (aspects of their consciousness) are almost fully retrieved/integrated at this point within you and are eager to be of service to you, to the greater Whole/Higher Divine Self. Achievement of diamond-like consciousness is also symbolic/indicative of your crystalline DNA further activating, stimulating, and generating further bodily change/transformation/transfiguration.

These lost, forgotten, shrouded or parallel aspects of self, have been reintroducing themselves to you (through dream and meditation/vision) in earnest since just before the June 12/13 full moon/expression phase began. It was also during this time (on the cusp/overlap of both the in and out breath phases) that your physical body went through a 4-day purging process due to the tsunami of in-pouring light/information, the further restructuring of your entire body/vessel, and the culmination of the Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process. Not to mention that you were also tested on several occasions throughout daily life on your ability to keep your vibrational level up to a certain level/frequency (in your newly structured state) as well as tested on your discernment in making contact with parallel/multidimensional aspects of self (note: other influences/entities may try to pass themselves off as somehow linked to you, in order to establish a link with you - that may or may not be ok with you, but wouldn't you rather that be a more conscious decision either way?)

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