HS Message: Using Communication as a Form of Communion

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Today I wish to discuss with you the importance of utilizing your throat chakra as a form of higher communication or "communion" with the external/outer world. Just as your co-creative abilities have been greatly enhanced and amplified in potency (as discussed in my previous message), so too have your powers of communication/communion. As you'll soon find out, there are many new heightened capacities/abilities that come with your newly structured vessels. It is true that the capacities of co-creation, inner travel/communion, and higher external communication have always been yours, but because of the latest overhaul to your vessel these abilities have become greatly amplified and much more accessible.

To begin, the throat chakra itself is a rich and vibrant shade of blue and is universally symbolic of higher truth, beauty, harmony, divinity, the spiritual realms, loyalty, and communication. When utilized correctly, it is the energy center in which you express your highest truth and authenticity as a divine spark of Creation. Therefore, this energy center holds tremendous potential for a level of soul expression that is in essence, a highly potent energetic release from your vessel. This "release" will saturate the surrounding ethers around you, thereby coming in contact with those living beings/auras in close proximity to you. This highly charged energy emitted by you then begins to interact/mix with their fields and alters the very essence of their energetic make-up as well as the very fabric of local space/time itself. In the same way your creations affect your surroundings, so to do your words. In fact one could say that COMMUNICATION leads not only to COMMUNION, but also an act CO-CREATION.

When you can maintain your balance of health and awareness in both your center/seat of empowerment - your inner sun (solar plexus), and at the same time your heart center, you then have an opportunity not only to communicate/express through your throat chakra - but to COMMUNE. For through your solar plexus you stand in your divine I AM presence, and together we begin to travel/commune inwardly to/with other parts of Self and Soul Family through layers/fields of space/time, gathering multi-dimensional (quantum) experience/information. This is the in-breath of your new vessel. You then integrate this information within Self (your vessel) and exhale it out to the external world through creation, communication, and/or your aura/chakras. By communicating from that place of inner inspiration or insight (higher communication), one begins to truly COMMUNE with one's environment and/or the beings/energies within it. This skill will be greatly utilized and taught in the time to come when you will be asked/propelled to take on a much larger role as way-shower/beacon of light for humanity.

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate YOU and this site! I feel very blessed and supported right now and it means more to me than mere words can express.

April Bender, Reiki Master and Ordained Minister