A Hugh Love Wave For The Water Of Our World

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Greetings Everyone,
As some of you may already know, a Dear Friend of mine, Keya Rainbow Heart, started an Event on FB entitled… A Huge Love Wave For The Water Of Our World, and invited me to Co-host it with her.
It has been an AMAZING experience, and I can only thank her for asking me to be of assistance in this most Sacred of Work. I shared an invitation with the members of that Event Page, and even though I know many of you have already joined in the work we are doing there I would like to extend this invitation to everyone here on Shambahalla – New Earth who may not know about it yet.
Following is the invitation. If it resonates with you, please join us for this most Sacred Work. 
Greetings Magickal Water Weavers, What an Amazing and truly Magickal Wave of Love has been created here within this cyber-family! I truly feel blessed to be a part of what has, and is happening here. 
I want to share something I have personally decided to do as a part of the work we are doing here, and invite each of you to do it in a way that resonates and works for you individually if you so feel called to do so.


As we know, March 22 is what has come to be called “World Water Day”. A day where the whole world is asked to focus on cleansing, healing, restoring our planetary Waters and talking about ways in which we as humans can make changes in the way we live on this Beautiful Planet Earth in a much more sustainable way with, not only with the water of our home, but in how we create the energy we need to fuel our lives and the practices we utilize in growing our food and every other facet of how we, as humans interact with all other life forms of this Planet we share and call Home.

As many of you know I AM a Master Metatronic Numerologist so working with Frequency is a very large part of my Sacred Contractual Work.

On the 1st of March, the first of two New Moons for this month will occur. New Moons bring us the frequencies of New Beginnings. This is also 22 days from the 22nd of March, World Water Day.

The I AM Keyword phrase for the number/frequency 22 is…

I Am Spiritual Vision Building Sacred Structure

22 is the number of the Master Builder Building Reality upon a Structural Form.

This is who we are… Spiritual Master Builders, Building our Reality upon a Sacred Structure, based on the Truth shown to us through our Spiritual Vision.

What I personally intend to do, and invite you to do also is, on the 1st of March I will place water in a container I use for Sacred Ceremonial Work and for 22 days I will say Prayers over this Water. I will Speak to this Water of the Universal Love of which we all emanate. I will Meditate with this Water, and imbue it will the Highest Frequencies of our Love and Light.

I will treat this Water with Respect and I will Offer this Water my Love, my Heart and My Thoughts of Healing and ONEness.

I will follow the lead of Spirit and do as led by Spirit, My Higher Self and My Spiritual Guides and Etheric Beings of Light with whom I communicate in this 22 day period of Sacred Structuralization asking We… be of the most assistance possible in bringing this Sacred Water back to pristine condition of Full Healing.

Then on the 22nd of March, on World Water Day, with millions of others around the planet doing their Individual and Group work for this same purpose of Healing, Restructuring and Rebalancing the Health of our Planetary Waters I will pour this Blessed and Holy Water back into the Water Cycle of our Planet to carry its Healed Cellular Structure back into our Planets Waters.

You can do this work from where you are. You can do it by yourself or you can gather together with friends and do it in small or large groups.

You can return this Blessed Water to our Planet via lakes, streams, ponds, rivers, oceans, or you can pour it directly onto the ground. No matter where you pour it, (even down your sink if you so choose) it will return to the Water Cycle of our Planet.

You can use crystals and stones, singing bowls, chanting, meditation, Sacred Drumming, etc. Whatever Spirit leads you to do, to imbue this Water with Love and Light and help Heal it, bringing it back into a state of perfect Harmony and Health.

This is the invitation I send to each of you.

I also invite you to share pictures of the water you are working with here on A Huge Love Wave For The Water Of Our World. That way we come together in an even stronger fashion with this most Sacred of Work of Divine Love and Light.

Let us continue this Sacred Work…

Blessings from All Realms of Creation to Each and All….

Essence Ka tha’ras