The I AM That I AM in Me Speaks…

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Dear Readers,

The I AM That I AM in me, comes forth to remind me/us of the bigger picture at hand…

“There are levels of Mastery that can only be attained at this physical level of existence in which you and I find ourselves at present. There comes a time, such as now, when a gap or window of opportunity is created whereby a Soul can make a significant breakthrough. This is similar to the board breaking ceremony enjoyed by NLP students after their training, where the student experiences a taste of the power within the higher dimensions of their reality. That time is upon us once again. By choosing to stay present, and by consciously merging your essence with Mine, you are now for the first time experiencing how easy it can be to move mountains, to breakthrough the 3D veil that separates you from your 5D and higher realities.

In the higher 5D reality a Soul can see and think more clearly as most of the dross is cleared away. There are still minor challenges lurking in this reality, but they are easily recognised and swiftly dealt with. So you can now appreciate why existence at the 3D level is so sought after. It is because breakthrough’s at this level require the most discipline and dedication in order to accomplish the most preferable and desired outcome. This means that existence at this level also carries the greatest rewards. The 3D level of existence provides the most excellent of training grounds for a Soul’s growth.

The 3D training ground does not have to be one of suffering. It can also be immensely enjoyable, even blissful at times, as you are discovering. This depends on your point of focus.

Place your point of focus within the gateway of your Heart, as I have shown you, and demonstrated to you, and your life experience will change. It has to, it cannot be any other way. Let all your choices come from the heart. Let every word you utter come from the heart, and every thought and action also. Practice this way of being, and I promise you, another dimension of reality will unfold before your very eyes!

You can grab a hold of this whole other dimension of reality in your merging with Me, and you will bring more and more of the experience of it back with you into your physical 3D reality. This is a real breakthrough for you! Soon you will see your reality from another dimension entirely and everything will appear as though you are seeing through new eyes. This happens when your perspective begins to change, and as your vantage point changes, so does your reality. Continue choosing this way of being! Remember the choice is always yours to make. No one can take this final step for you. Only you can do this.

This forms the pinnacle of the 3D experience. Seeing both worlds, but choosing to live in the higher perspective, in the higher vantage point. In that way, you are seeing more of the bigger picture. Your heart expands, as does your compassion and love for your fellow man. You begin to see Me, the I AM That I AM, in all things. Even in a mere drop of water! This is the way to achieving Mastery of the physical 3D experience, and you can do it! I know you can because I know what you are capable of. I know you better than you know yourself because I AM YOU!

Remember Buzz Lightyear’s favorite saying, “To infinity and beyond”? We already know we’re infinite My Love. Now I say to you, how much more are you willing to expand yourself beyond that which you already know you’re capable of?

That is the question… The answer lies within.”

We leave you with great tidings of JOY, LOVE and PEACE,


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