I am presence and White Tara offers an activation with ISON

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When light arrives there is no denying its effects on the surrounding environment and within the human self. 
I am Hu-Man a manifestation of love and a child of the Ultimate Creator.  As such I am now calling forth the templates of my blue print and of my divinity to now fully manifest in my now reality. 
There is no other time than zero point time the access point to real time and the unlimited resources available through existing and being in zero point. 

Does it require much effort to be in zero point reality?
Not if you fully understand what it is to be a Hu-Man. 

What is a Hu-Man? 
A Hu-Man is a manifestation of the divine creator in a physical vehicle. A realized human who has an understanding of what it means to me a human being and someone who is fully connected to its own light and god self. 

Who do I transform from a human into a Hu-Man?
It requires communion with the god self and a slight effort to be centered in the heart thus allowing one's I am presence to be manifested in the space of love within the most powerful vortex manifested in the physical. Such space is between the heart and the higher heart. It is there that the spirit is present and exists within time and space. 

I am a Hu-Man existing in the greatest time of responsibility. The greatest time to take charge of our reality by creating it through being in the holy flow of the now and by resonating and expanding divine radiance from zero point center.  

White Tara
Greetings my divine brother in light. 
It is quite an interesting conversation you have going on with your I am presence and I have to admit it got my attention as you are onto something. 
The universe itself exists within and on zero point. Such existence is necessary for the eternal to be able to manifest. Such existence allows  for the entire creation to function as one wholly organism. Although each galaxy resembles the whole it is still a part of the All. 
Love itself is what is being called the zero point and it is love that brings unity. 
Love is the unification of existence and of life and if you see it as a net it is also the connecting points within that net. Each connecting point holds time in place and when all points act as a unified filed which is the process taking place now it is then that life and existence and love take a quantum leap allowing for life to evolve to the next form of itself. 

The ship known as ISON has been traveling the entire span of creation releasing the new templates of the now present new reality and new light. It's sole purpose is to activate as it travels through all the connecting points in the net and the grid of life. 
Now the entire solar system as young as it is hold a very powerful know in this grid and it is extremely crucial in the transformation of the All. 
As ISON passes through each stellar gateway within this knots it starts to shed sacred geometrical resonance and as this resonance communicates with its surrounding it begins to glow as the surrounding matter evolves and greets this new light. 
It is this evolved matter holding the new light that is now being presented to planet Earth and to humanity helping you to evolve to the next form of yourselves. Mother Earth is becoming her new self or New Earth and human beings are awakening to their god selves and becoming Hu-Mans capable of holding the new light and the newly form crystalized energy within your DNA making all of your cells crystalline in nature. 

Let me offer some assistance by decree of the divine. As I just mentioned you are being showered by this newly evolved particles activated by ISON. 
You can make full use of this particles by connecting to the frequency of ISON through the symbol I am now providing. This symbol also represents a holy trinity with the codes able to awaken life and accelerate the transformation and growth in energy.

Energization exercise

As you connect to the symbol it will open your crown to be able to accept this new templates and by controlling your breath with your awareness you can experience the bliss this exercise can help you experience. 
At first take a few deep breaths and then take several quick breaths this will energize you by building up more oxygen in your blood and releasing CO2 at a faster rate. 
Again slow your breath down and bring your awareness to your crown and with each breath you are taking now connect to the energy pouring into your crown  and it is now when you can consciously move this energy through your body. this energy if directed to specific parts of the body can rejuvenate you and heal any ailments present within the human vessel. 
This symbol is your bridge to this new energies and can help you meet greater amounts of this new light. It opens the connection to the ship for as long as you needed and connect you to ship no matter where it is in time or space. 
A simple yet powerful breathing exercise that can be done over and over. Make you to ground after by taking a short walk or simply hugging a tree by doing so you are also blessing Mother Earth with the energy and also helping your body adequately manifest the energy without any discomfort. Drink plenty of water to adjust the frequency of the body as well. 
Note the symbol acts as an access to all the incoming energies as well whether they are solar or universal. 

My Love and my blessings to you All beloved Hu-Mans