As I was falling asleep

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I am a psychic. My most open time is when I wake up. Usually when I fall asleep, I go out quickly.

Tonight was different.

I kept seeing Queen Elizabeth's face. Over and over and over, flickering, like an old fashioned movie. 

I never think of her.

Something is up.



i hope

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yes i pray that somethings up ,thank you very very much.

when i sleep i have nightmares of being chased,for 50 odd years.........and i m tired,


believe me. om

to arun your nightmares

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hello arun   i was reading your comment about being chased in your nightmares and from what read, it appears that you might be avoiding something in your life. do you know anything about this?  bobby

Me too!

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Hi dear sis,



Wow, I've had dreams for many years of being chased too!  I knew that if they found me they would kill me.  A few times they were right in the room with me and I have so hated those dreams but I couldn't understand why I was having them.  I also have had dreams that I have to leave right away, get out, because at any minute...everyone was going to turn into a monster and kill me.  They looked like people, but they were going to turn into monsters at any minute so I always had to run for my life.  Is is programming?  I've read alot from Stewart Swerdlow who was in the Montauk days....interesting!