Is the Legend of Atlantis Incomplete? Part 2

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~~Is the Legend of Atlantis Incomplete?

Part 2


This is Part 2 of information shared from Teutilarhon of Atlantis, a Scientific Spiritual Technology Research Analyst and Expert, in charge of the Dimensional Time-Travel Research Program for the 11th Dimension Atlantian Reality System, as it pertains to expanded knowledge of the “Story of Atlantis” relating to our current collective projected Earth time-frame reality.

In Part 1 of this article, which was entitled… 

Is the Legend of Atlantis Incomplete? & The 13th Day of Zac

I asked you… What if I told you the “story” we believe to be the “Legend of Atlantis” is incomplete? What would you say?

What if I told you the story of the “Legend of Atlantis” that we believe to be what happened, is not really what happened at all? What would you say?

If you have not read Part 1, or would like to refresh your memory of that information you may find it at the link provided above.


Continuing from Part 1

Teutilarhon of Atlantis: “(At the time of the “Fall”), The vast majority of the population of the 11th dimensional Atlantian Civilization Reality moved to other/higher frequency Atlantian Civilization Realties. Most moved into Atlantian Realties existing within the 18th thru the 22nd veil frequencies of the 11th Dimension.

I will attempt to explain in a bit more detail…

Some moved to the 7th veil region of the 7th dimension. The 7th veil region of the 7th dimension is where Atlantis “fell” to as a result of its destruction. Here is where the 1st physical (concrete) evidence of the existence of Atlantis will be found.  Some stayed and/or returned to the 11th veil region of the 11th dimension (this is where the “Fall” began), and a select few moved into the 4th thru the 7th veil region of the 4th dimension (Old Earth). 

Having those (Atlantians) existing at all of these dimensional points facilitates and accelerates the current work of rebalancing energies between Earth and Atlantis.

The better part of “past life experiences” of lifetimes in Atlantis humans of Earth believe to be their individual personal experience are really projected holographic “memories” we set in place. This is one way, one means we utilize to set the “Story of Atlantis” into Earth’s current storyline. As contradictory as this may seem, this does not make the memories and experiences any less “real”, nor in any way lessen their significance to the spiritual growth and expansion of the individual or the Collective Consciousness of humanity. Even though this may not be easily understood by many in your current Collective Reality, from our expanded perspective it is the appropriate time frame to share this information.

Travel between our two dimensional realities is still done from time to time, but only as is relevant to, and for, the purpose of the rebalancing of the karmic energies between our two dimensional reality civilizations. This technology is used as a last resort means of accomplishing some type of work deemed necessary to this task. Know that travel between our dimension and your current dimensional reality is only performed by a handful of select few who are experts at bridging the two realities. As of (your)now… the only Atlantians doing this work, are those who were assigned to, and did the work of the Olemec outpost. This is because they best understand, and therefore are best equipped at reopening the “doorway(s)” each time entry and exit are required. The “doorway” is no longer kept continuously open. It was closed at the time of the “Fall”. Because they spent so much continuous “time” on Earth in 4th dimensional reality, their “forms” are best acclimated to the frequencies of Earth.

Travel by any (Atlantians) who moved into the 18th – 22nd veil of the 11th dimension Atlantian Civilization Realities at the time of the Destruction to any frequency lower than the 18th veil of the 11th dimension does not occur.

The only travel in and out of these frequency realities is done by a small select group of Spiritual Technology Scientific Research team members, and even then only minimally and under very strict safety guidelines. This is to avoid any risk of what we will describe here as “Energetic Contamination” to those frequency realities.

Yet all who exist in those Atlantian frequency Realities are fully aware of the current work we are speaking of here and are fully cognizant of all memories of the Destruction that occurred at the 11th veil region (of the 11th dimension). It is a part of their/our heritage, storyline and complete reality.

Question by Essence Ka tha’ras: “Teutilarhon, let me ask you; what was the original thought, or reason, behind the decision by the Atlantians to implement, or even try to implement this work?”

Teutilarhon: “The acceleration of Multi-dimensional Consciousness Expansion thru the use of, and with the assistance of, Scientific-Spiritual Technology. (This is related to the 17/8 Karmic Imbalance.)

Remember, Atlantis was, and is, a Technology based Reality Civilization; and as I stated previously, in Atlantis there was/is no separation between the Scientific and the Spiritual.

Also, I would like to interject here that, although to some this overall scenario may seem to suggest some degree of failure, we understand that is not the case. This particular scenario of Illusion is simply what is being projected and playing out both as a collective (meaning combined of Atlantis and Earth), as well as an Individual (here meaning the Collective Consciousness’ of Atlantis and Earth each individually) “Present Accepted Reality”.

Once again remember, this is only one of several “Present Accepted Earth Reality” scenarios in which we are currently involved. This (your) “Present Collective Accepted Reality” has just been recently added to a list as one that holds a high mathematical probability to be either the first to attain and maintain existence within a particular frequency vibration, and therefore to become the most beneficial in the acceleration of Consciousness Expansion to both the Collective Consciousness’ of Atlantis and Earth.”


End of Part 2

Be looking for Part 3 of this article where information will be shared about

“How We Are Descended From Apes”

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I vividly recalled the last days of Atlantis,

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One of my first past life recalls was a vivid recall of how I used to be a High Priestess in charge of the Pyramid Temple of the White Flame.  It was the biggest of all the pyramids and it stood on an island offshore from the mainland.  It emitted blinding pure white light and incorporated all the color rays into one single flame.

It was here that the Super consciousness Energy Matrix Field was kept, which incorporated all the data collected from all the cosmos, and especially this planet, solar system, the Milky Way Galaxy, the Universe and the12 galaxies who were involved with the co-creation of this planet.  It was linked directly to the Great White Lodge on Sirius, and to the Galactic Core, and to the 7th Pyramid Temple of the 7th Sun of the 7th Galaxy.  All worked in tandem AS ONE and all life on this planet, all creations, and all knowledge was programmed into this temple flame, for it held all of this at one single central point for humanity.

It was known as the main Temple and it held the Halls of Records (as in the Super consciousness Energy Field – thus not like scrolls, or writing, but pure energy), the Halls of Wisdom and Knowledge, the Halls of Technology and Science, the Halls of Higher Teaching and Mystery Schools, The Halls of Higher Healing.  It was one massive center of higher studies and learning and all of this was held in one single energy field which was then the Super Consciousness energy field, directly linked to the Divine, via Sirius.

I vividly recalled the last days of Atlantis, and then how this temple was bombarded by a massive atomic laser beam directed at it, from those who wished to destroy this temple and all within it.  It was then that a massive rescue operation was launched – The white flame and the Super consciousness energy field were removed and taken to Andromeda for safekeeping and all those places on earth that had held its knowledge collective and the affiliated pyramids and energy grids were sealed off so that no one had access to them anymore.