Is the Legend of Atlantis Incomplete? ~ Part 3 ~ “Are We Descended From Apes”

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~~Is the Legend of Atlantis Incomplete?

Part 3

 “Are We Descended From Apes”

This is Part 3 of information shared from Teutilarhon of Atlantis, a Scientific Spiritual Technology Research Analyst and Expert, in charge of the Dimensional Time-Travel Research Program for the 11th Dimension Atlantian Reality System, as it pertains to expanded knowledge of the “Story of Atlantis” relating to our current collective projected Earth time-frame reality.

In Part 1 of this article, which was entitled…

Is the Legend of Atlantis Incomplete? & The 13th Day of Zac

I asked you… What if I told you the “story” we believe to be the “Legend of Atlantis” is incomplete? What would you say?

What if I told you the story of the “Legend of Atlantis” that we believe to be what happened, is not really what happened at all? What would you say?


In Part 2 of this article I shared more information on what transpired after “The Fall” of Atlantis, where Atlantis moved to, and more detailed information about the different dimensions in which Atlantis exists, as well as some of the “Why’s” we are receiving this information now.

If you have not read Parts 1 and 2, or you would like to refresh your memory of the information contained in them, you may find them at the links provided here.

Part 1

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Continuing from Part 2

I would like to share how “We are Descended from APES” came to me.

In my first meeting with Teutilarhon he was just beginning to share the information of our, let’s call it… Genetic Genesis.  All I had heard was that the Pleiadians, the Sirians and the Arcturians were involved. Because of my close personal connection in this lifetime with the Pleiadians my mind automatically listed them first. My next thought was of friends and Spiritual colleagues I have who always automatically list Sirius first because of their close involvement with Sirius. Not wanting to place any energy of personal preference on this list I decided to simply list them in alphabetical order; thus we get the Arcturians, the Pleiadians and the Sirians. Immediately I saw…

A.P.S. instantly my mind went to APES

A–Arcturius, P–Pleiades, E–Earth, S–Sirius

The next logical thought to follow was “We are Descended from A.P.E.S.–APES! I must say, I got a huge chuckle out of this!


Teutilarhon speaks:

The Acturians, the Pleiadians and the Sirians initially combined efforts to “Seed” Modern Humans of Earth. They are responsible for the “Gene Seeding” and “Genesis” work of Modern Humans, or what is currently known as Homo Sapiens sapiens. The Acturians, the Pleiadians, and the Sirians are the Genetic and Spiritual Parents of Modern Humanity.

By the time the Acturians, Pleiandians and the Sirians decided to “Seed” Modern Humans on Earth, other Beings of less Spiritually advanced Star System Civilizations had already seeded many other hominid species on Earth; species who had either already gone extinct or were showing high mathematically probabilities toward extinction. In fact, the biggest part of the reason the Acturians, Pleiadians and Sirians decided to seed modern humans was, and is, an effort to put an end to rogue hominid seeding efforts being carried out by factions of less spiritually advanced star system civilization whose intentions were not then, (nor now) in line with Earth’s original Creation plan. The Acturians, Pleiadians, and Sirians are responsible for the quadrant of the Current Universal System in which Earth presently resides.

The largest factor for the extinction of previous hominid species seeded by Beings of less Spiritually Advanced Star System Civilizations, was due to the low spiritual vibrational energy thru which they were seeded and created. They intentionally seeded and created multiple hominid species designed to hold lower Spiritual Frequency energy than their own. This was done because their original intention for seeding and creating these hominid species was for their use in what we will term “slave” energy, as well as for their own sustenance.

The Beings of less Spiritually Advanced Star System Civilizations whom we are speaking of here knew that if they Seeded and Created a (hominid) species genetically equal to themselves emotionally, mentally and Spiritually, they would soon lose control of their evolutionary processes, especially their spiritual evolution, and therefore they (the seeded hominid species) would not be controllable for the original intentional they were seeded.

The problem created with the seeding of low spiritually vibrational hominid species is the fact that the species as a whole does not hold a vibration conducive to longevity of physical survival. A low spiritual vibration gives rise to a low mental vibrational frequency, and a very strong and highly chaotic emotional vibrational frequency. The imbalance of frequency in the energy matryx of a species such as this leads to disproportionate, chaotic energy flow patterns between the subtle bodies, thus creating very low probability of long term physical species survival. (see NOTE 1 at end of article).

I would like to share some information surrounding experiences modern humans have been having for much of their existence. Experiences many are familiar with either through stories of other humans, or through their own personal experiences of being abducted and having “medical procedures” performed on them by different Extraterrestrial Beings, most notable those known as “The Grays”.

The “Grays” and several other less Spiritually Advanced Star System Civilization Beings responsible for the seeding and creation of the, now extinct, low spiritual vibration hominid species, watched with great interest, the Seeding and Evolution of Modern Humans (Homo Sapiens sapiens) through the work done by the Arcturians, the Pleiadians and the Sirians.

What they witnessed was the creation of a species that had/has a high mathematical probability for success in long term physical sustainability. This is what they had/have been attempting to achieve with their low spiritual vibrational frequency hominid seedings.

From their perspective, the only drawback to the Homo Sapiens sapiens seeded by the Acturians, Pleiadians and the Sirian was/is the high frequency spiritual genetics of Modern Humans.  They knew (and saw) that very quickly the species seeded and created by the combined efforts of the Arcturians, the Pleiadians and the Sirians would not only become their emotional, mental and spiritual genetic equals, they would eventually surpass them, and in short order.

They understood if they could create a “hybrid”; one possessing the high mathematical probabilities for long term physical sustainability of the Modern Human species of hominid, with the low frequency spiritual genetics of those hominid species they had seeded, but had not survived, they could achieve seeding and creating a hominid species of their original intention design.

They also knew, they only had a certain limited window of opportunity in which to achieve this; one dictated by the pace of evolution of Modern Humans. So they set out on an extensive, well planned project to achieve just such. That is what they were doing that resulted in such a large number of “ET abductions” over a (as seen from your “Present Accepted Reality”) several tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of years.


NOTE 1: this is why in the last few years (10 to 20+) before, and since, the Collective Consciousness of Humanity shifted into the 5th dimensional frequency vibrational reality, (12/21/12–the end of Old Mayan Calendar Reality into New Mayan Calendar Reality) archeologist have been discovering remains of previously unknown Hominid Species, some of which are hybrids of previously known Hominid Species.


End of Part 3

Be looking for Part 4 of this article where information as to the part Atlantis plays in the story of Earth and Modern Humans will be shared.

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