Lightworker 404: Starseed Symbols & Shipside Space-Living "I bring word from the Oracle.” - Matrix Revolutions by J'Tariah

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L I G H T W O R K E R   4 0 4:

“I bring word from the Oracle.”
– Matrix Revolutions

by J’Tariah EnRa El of the Starship Phoenix

   Oracle: The power of the One extends beyond this world. It reaches from
      here, all the way  back to where you came from.

   Neo: Where?
   Oracle: Source.

Yes, you are just waking up. You believe you are reading this to learn about star-seed symbols and shipside space-living – yet, this essay, in itself – is a series of star-gate awakening codes (10:10, 12:12, 12:21, 333, 00000). As you gradually escape the now-dissolving Matrix – your life will synthesize to a 5D through 12D reality – comprised of your entire Self.  

   Technician: Holographics is trying to confirm, sir.
   Lock: Contact them. I want access codes.

Ascension is soul-reunification comprised of the reconstruction of a holistic multidimensional Self. No, you are not “many people” but are – in fact – a Being fragmented into living in many dimensions at once…until full Ascension occurs in the very near future Now.

      Roland: Oh…you can drive!
   Niobe: We ain't home yet. What about the gate?

Achieving Ascension means being 100% alive in totality. Some call this “superconsciousness,” and others call it soul-integration. It means you are fully operating ALL of your Selves simultaneously…as One. As you develop/grow/re-construct into your multidimensional Self, you discover that your (primary) consciousness is actually operating from a ship.

   Technician: Holographic reports [are] up and moving to gate three.

Learning about starseed symbols – and downloading space-living knowledge – are exactly the true purposes of *why* you are reading this right Now.

   Morpheus: Can we make it?
   Niobe: We ain't come this far…
   Link: Almost home, almost home…

Your primary directive/s (Lightworker 101, 202, 303: links below) have led you to the Now, which is a spiraling Vortex of absorbing, downloading, and retaining symbols, all of which serve as star-gates into Ascension.

The most vital data you need to make jump/s from 3D/4D reality into 5D-12D multidimensional space-living are star-gate symbols: you will be (and are) utilizing these – internally and externally – for time-line soul-re-assembly.  Here are some of the many symbols that serve as star-gates – for jumping to your next level(s) of superconsciousness:

(Star of Seven Star Races)      

      Great Central Sun


       8-Fold Wheel
       (Photon Cycle)      

        Galactic Library


Focusing on these symbols – including re-tracing (drawing), altar placement, and visual meditation – will re-unify all fragments/aspects of your multidimensional Self into One Whole Being whom operates from a ship. Also, (semblance of) these symbols are utilized in the Now aboard your ship.

   Niobe: Some things in this world never change.
   Morpheus: But some things do.

While the ride upwards through Ascension is a seemingly endless process of fluctuating illusory realities, you gradually transfer your primary consciousness (heart/soul) into your ship-side multidimensional Self.

Moving forward and placing trust into your true authentic Self is "key" to achieving ship-side consciousness as quickly as possible. After a “very bumpy ride,” your existence subsists of “BEING” upon your ship.
   Neo: Go up…the sky…it's the only way.
   Trinity: Then up we go.
   Trinity: Beautiful…

Residing upon a ship – and adjusting into the Now – is intricate and full of sensory uploads and wondrous “co-creative” experiences.

   Neo: We made it.
   Trinity: You said we would…
   Neo: It's unbelievable. Trinity…Light everywhere… built with light.

Ship-side space living itself – in the Now – is intensely exhilarating, and freeing. Aboard ship, you are (Now) living amongst your Star Family, members of your Star Race (as well as other Star Races), and in the loving company of your Twin Flame. You will also be in the presence of your pets and non-organic (robotic, light-based, and plasma) companions.

Each individual ship has diverse customs, and most have a wide variety of star races aboard. (See Lightworker 202, 303) Like Earth cultures, ships have differing practices, morals, and regulations from one another.

With these variables stated, there is only room here to illustrate the day-to-day areas-of-access within a large (2-mile to 50-mile wide) multi-star-race vessel. Here are just a few of the general ship environment (setting) components you will interface with, in alphabetical order:

These are informal gathering "hang-outs" for (etheric or real) drinks: these are fun places for mingling with co-workers, friends and family. Refreshments from all over the Universe are offered, such as the Andromedean Astral-Fizz, and the messy Magellanic Melt-Goop. Often, bars and lounges have “live” entertainment of comedians, dancers, musicians, magicians, and multidimensional sound/emotion artists from all star races. At times, the entertainment is a holograph received from another ship – of the most popular entertainers.

These phantasmal holographic rooms are programmed for both leisure and work time in a literal limitless variety of probabilities. Some leisure uses are: interactive theatrical performances, agility games, camping (on any planetary surface!), and spiritual retreats. A few illustrations of work/duty uses feature: flight simulations, controlled bio-plasma testing, and diplomatic scenarios. Also, holodecks are used in smaller ships as ever-changing work-rooms to prevent the waste of space.

Living (Personal and/or Family) Space:
In totality, these areas are usually comprised of resting areas, a small entertainment area, as well as a refresher (bathing apparatus and biological waste disposal), a crystal/bio-interface (for downloading/uploading), a clothing replicator, a small holo-emitter, and a meditation/spiritual alcove. Most are also equipped with a food replication/preparation area. Living spaces can vary from tiny (10” x 5”) on smaller ships for individuals – to sprawling multi-room habitations for large extended families. Note: Once you are of the higher dimensions and joined permanently with your Twin Flame you will create your own space upon your (singular or star family) ship which is more creative and free-form.

The library is composed of 5D-12D scrolls/books that you can either enter (holographically with sound, smell, taste, hearing, feeling, emotions) and/or can be experienced in holo-stereo. Most ships hold a complete set of Akashic Records for each crew-member, so complete recall and re-experience – for every lifetime lived is possible. Because of this feature, it is a very popular area of the library. All Command Ships have Akashic Halls for all sentient beings in the sector.

Map Room:
This (overwhelming) room is a extraordinary holo-suite showing "The Entire (known) Universe," sector by sector in 5D-12D. You can zoom in and out of each planetary surface, solar system, galaxy, sector, universe, and dimensional construct in “real time” or history.

Medical Office/Complex:
Although these spaces cannot be described in their entirety with their carbon, crystal, plasma, and holographic components, medical areas aboard ship can cure/fix/heal nearly all auric-adjustments in less than 5 earth-time minutes.

While some of these are holographic in nature, most large ships have biological, agricultural plus horticulture areas. These are usually multipurpose  – for both public relaxation –  as well as for xeno-biological studies of flora and fauna. Some of the largest ships also use this area to grow sustainable agriculture, and perform organic experiments.

Small cafes are usually scattered all over the ship. The food (real or etheric) offerings are as limitless as the imagination, and expansive as the Cosmos. From chow mein, to Sirian sea-grass – to the famous Pleiadian psi-nibbles – all tastes are catered to. Note: Whether a (non-virtual) meal tastes like meat or not, almost all food is made of vegetarian sources for easy digestion. 

University Compound/Classrooms:
In the larger ships, education areas are enormous, much like a community college  – where job-education – as well as hobbies, and ship-specific courses are encouraged. For example, if one is training as a Xenologist, they will/are enrolled in classes such as “Diplomatic Science,” “Indigenous Strategies,” an “Off-World Rapport.” Conversely, if someone is studying the prerequisites for Jedi training, they take classes such as “Meditation and Mind Control,” “Hostile-Planet Survival,” and “Quantum Physicality.”  

Other components also built into many ships include:
diplomatic meeting areas, control bridges, emergency evacuee housing, recycle/reconstitution centers, child/creche daycare/s, plus sports areas. Also built into most ships designs are: docking/launching bays, as well as small-ship storage/launching areas.  

Now that you have downloaded and know the "keys" to your metamorphosis: starseed symbols and knowledge of spacecraft space-living – you are ready to spiral upward into your new reality. Meanwhile – focus upon the symbols in this article, and keep record of all of your lucid dreams upon *your ship* in dream-time!

Know that you are not home just yet…but you will be very soon near future Now. So, hold on tight for the re-unification of your soul!

   Oracle: Well now, ain't this a surprise.
   The Architect: You played a dangerous game.
   Oracle: Change always is.
   The Architect: Just how long do you think this peace  is going to last?
   Oracle: As long as it can. What about the others?
   The Architect: What others?
   Oracle: The ones that want out.
   The Architect: Obviously they will be freed.
   Oracle: I have your word?
   The Architect: What do you think I am? Human?

About the Author:
J’Tariah EnRa El is a Chloglian Sirian-Pleiadian Hybrid Walk-In from Sirius B, who has spent eons working with the Sirian-Pleiadian Alliance. Every night during lucid dreaming, she is within the ships above attending school for Jedi training with her Twin Flame, Miluk kia EnRa El (Jul). Currently – during the day – she is a published poet, author and artist.  Her Lightworking includes being a PR specialist for Sananda’s Eagles: J’Tariah resides in the Lower Left Coast of the U.S. with her child, three other artists, two cats, a dog and a fighting fish.
J’Tariah EnRa El’s new post-Matrix website can be found at  In the near future – her upcoming articles will cover exciting multidimensional information, including: future home planets, intergalactic cultural understanding, how to interact with non-organic life forms, and more!

Lightworker 101:

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You are free to distribute this essay only if you do so in its entirety, including the article and graphics plus the “about the author” bio with the article links. Thank you and enjoy your new Freedom.




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