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Ok, so I've been working on a few projects lately... hands are completely full.  Yet this is one of the first times that I truly don't mind being so busy.  I would honestly lose sleep for the sake of my work and I often do.  I understand that I must take care of myself in order to give to others, yet sometimes it's just so damn difficult to not send that message, or not respond to that text even when I'm dog tired because I care!  Let me ask you this... Do you ever find yourself feeling broke down, exhausted or otherwise; yet perk up your stance to come to the aid of another?  You just might be a lightworker!  
I also often find myself at times getting down in the dumps because I don't feel as if I'm doing enough to progress myself and those around me for the sake of the bigger picture.  I think about all the marches taking place near me that I miss, all of the articles that I should've written, all of the actions I should've taken when presented the opportunity to display love on a local or global scale.  It sucks!  I start to mock my own intentions and question my drive.  I think, "self, why the hell are you just sitting here?  Yes, it's fine and dandy that you write and post to high heaven, but what are you REALLY doing to invoke change?!"
In these moments I must stop to remind myself of my human condition.  Don't worry, it's not contagious.  It is simply the acknowledgement and realization that I am human and can only do as much as I can do.  True enough some of us are meant to lead the charge towards bringing about change on a physical level.  However I must remind myself that the notion of change in and of itself isn't about how many rallies one can attend or even how loud one can yell from their proverbial soapbox.  Perhaps one day down the road, I will in fact become an activist on a greater scale, and honestly I would LOVE to preach my moments to a broader audience; yet I realize that my works, my writings, my transparency IS my mission at this point.  Is this to suggest that I should remain comfortable behind the computer screen and maintain a face of anonymity?... I honestly don't know.  
I share this with you to tell YOU, that whatever role you are playing in the name of change towards a global spiritual evolution is perfect!  You should never feel down on yourself for feeling that you aren't doing enough.  Yes, if you are granted the opportunity to be a catalyst for a great advancement in this shift, then I encourage you to seize it with both hands!  However, know that your posts on social media, your efforts towards shifting your way of thinking and being... ARE enough!  Know that it is in making any effort that you are bringing about more change than you can ever imagine!  
Always remember that change begins with the individual and trickles down to everyone around you, as we are all connected.  So today I suggest that you wear your efforts internally without allowing yourself to be worn down for the sake of functioning on a grander scale.  We are all connected... so whatever you do for self... you are also doing for the entire world!  Embrace that and reflect it!
Live your life in accordance with becoming the change you wish to see in this world, coexist, respect, emit love and light; but most importantly begin from within and encourage a ripple effect.  I promise it will be worth it in the end.
*Peace and Blessings*
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