Love Can't Be Stopped

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The waves of energy  are coming in now at an ever increasing rate bringing us more fully into the unity consciousness field. No longer are we experiencing week long periods of clearing or even day to day clearing cycles; this pattern has changed to moments. Indeed we are in a vibrating field of energy now as the intensity of the November energetic flow increases.

One cannot stress enough the importance of staying in the moment of NOW. There is no past and no future and no worries in the moment of NOW.

Focusing on gratitude for each and everything in your life will assist you in staying balanced and whole and feeling the love that you are...Know that you are surrounded and lifted up by your angels. You are completely loved and cared for. Each moment spent allowing the pain of old traumas and issues to clear, will only lift you higher on your journey. Breakdown = Breakthrough!

There were X class flares reported on the 9th and the 11th, amazingly they collided! These flares are affecting us NOW. Many people are reporting symptoms from this.  Last night at approximately 7 pm Mtn time, I was hit hard with exhaustion and dizziness, there was nothing I could do but lie down. Earth Ally Patti Clift reported feeling dizziness at the same time. Many others are reporting dizziness, heart palpations, and anxiety. Even though I was exhausted,  I was unable to sleep, but knew that by staying in the moment, and out of worry or fear, that I would be OK. I know that I am surrounded and protected by the angels and so are you.

Many of the Earth Allies are experiencing similar symptoms to various degrees. You are not alone. We are all going through this in our own unique ways. Embrace the changes you are going through Release all expectations of how 'things' should be. Let everything go, just surrender, and step into the new you!  This tidal wave is not stopping..release, allow, surrender, and remember to LOVE yourself.

Wishing you much love and joy during these intense moments of change!

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Look I love all this NO

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Look I love all this NO Worries feel good stuff, but the reality is, It takes money for basic survival on this dirtball.  That source of money is about to run dry.  All the happy thoughts in the world aren't going to pay my overdue car note or medical costs.  People are about at their breaking point.

Duality is a strange game.  It seems the only winning move is not to play.  Willfully dying to experience another, better reality ought to be an option.  I'm beyond ready to graduate and my patience for delay is running out.

You know the saying wish in one had and take a dump in the other.  Things need to change in days, not weeks!

I love it too!

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I understand your issues, as we have all been there, or are in a more difficult situation. You make some very good points. We are the ones bringing about the change, it starts with us. And you are right, staying out of that worry game, is a good start. Thinking back, I cant count how many times I worried about money or paying bills. But by focusing your energy there, you only bring yourself more worry.  Focus on your abundance no matter how difficult that may sound. I used to say, "I am abundant in all things." every day, and slowly my situation began to shift. I am not rich in money, but I have every thing I need.  I wish you well whitewolf! Great name for a lightworker!