Loving your Authentic Self: Know Yourself as Your Core Essence

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We are seeded from the stars...

In the Beginning was Light and Sound

When we came into existence for non-existence, we were like stars being birthed, in that we arose from the void  birthed as light and sound coming arranged in beautiful divine order, harmony; before form existed. Then the light and sound that we are became physical. 

Subtle Body and the Physical Body

We are made of subtle (unseen energy) which is an expression of this core essence, our tone. This core essence exists as our divine blueprint, our unique tone, or you could say our soul. Each person is a tone and connected to the stars. We are made of light and sound as a unique configuration of subtle energy that has materialized to the human being as a tone. Tone is the swirling of light and sound as expressions of energy. Tone sound and light and waveforms sourced from star energy is streamed into the physicality of this existence, this incarnation for ourselves. 


Yet we exist in many places and times simultaneously. It is said that time does not exist and all is happening simultaneously. This is the nature of multidimensionality. We have eternally express a unique tone and this is what the world needs, the gift of who we are that lies underneath the body, the personality, and the roles and jobs we fulfill, what we do. Who we are unveiled, our core self, our true soul tone wants to be in harmony with our environment. This is how we live in harmony with the outer world and in the bliss of our being. 

Follow our Bliss

We need to do what harmonizes us. We are called to truly follow our bliss and be in environments that create more bliss, and do activities we love that bring more bliss. It is beyond a temporal experience, but a lifestlye of creating harmony for our mind with our thoughts and beyond, such as our spirit.Our spirit wishes to be nourished, perhaps with meditation or being in nature or some other ways that are unique to us. We want harmony for our body by loving it and feeding it with that which makes it healthy doing what makes it strong and feeling good. Our body is a consciousness that hears what we think so we need to communicate with it, ourselves, in a loving way. All of this allows us to live in bliss as our true authentic selves. 

Love is the Tone

Our tone has to do with the frequency of love and its variations. Perhaps you came to express the energy of freedom, of peace, of creativity, of stillness, of movement. Some of us are here with responsibility and integrity as our highest expression. Some are here to give birth to the new and others may be here to allow endings of cycles. There are many aspects to tone and ways of expressing the frequency that you are, and came to be. Ultimately, our service to others is the same as expressing who we are, and allowing divine to express through our being as pure bliss of 
being. Together, each tone has a purpose in the greater whole of humanity and life on earth. We are truly here to serve one another and lift each other up. 

To come into balance with who we are is the inner work. The work is to express the tone we are through our beingness, from every cell in all that we are.The tone arises from the beginning and this tone that we are that links us to the streams of stars we come from. We each have a unique way of being and seeing and way of vibrating our essence into expression. May all that we do express this core essence of who we are. May we honor other's unique ways of being themselves. May we create a culture of supporting our individuality and expression yet feeling the underlying oneness and how it supports the whole. 

We are each a unique blueprint of waveforms born from the One, expressing as many. 

What helps us to vibrate as our original true tone or to live our authenticity?One way is to take some time to rest in the stillness of self. We are called to sit upon the Earth, a living being, as we are and connect to her, and to remember who we are and from where we came. We are called to remember our vastness, our expansiveness, that we have come from distant places yet those places live inside us too. We are seeded from stars, and our multidimensional DNA lights up and activates when we remember and acknowledge the orgin of our being. We are connected to stars and to angels, to the divine order of the cosmos, that made the great mystery miracles that we are and the planets and the stars. To remember and express our true tone which is our original authentic self that always was, always has been, is and and always shall be is this: it is to live in awe and wonder.

Awe, Wonder and Gratitude

Let us live in wonder and awe like children just discovering what it is to live. Let us find the flow in the universe, how we can dance with the greater whole. Let us feel our connection with the stars we come from, with all life here on earth. Let us feel our symbiosis, our dependency on nature for sustaining us. Let us thank the elements, the living trees that give us our breath. Let us give thanks to the rain, the earth herself, the soil and the stones. Let us give thanks to living waters that make up our bodies. Let us pray for all that sustains us in life and that it may be pure and vibrant and that we may be too. Let us receive instructions from the universe as to how we may be of service. Let us open the gift we are, the uniqueness that we carry so we can leave a legacy of positivity on the planet. We are a part of the greater whole and the greater whole depends on our wholeness.

The ancients (such as the Dogon people of Africa for example) knew that we came from many places, that we are happening in many dimensions and locations as many beings. When we awaken, awaken out DNA that holds threads to these selves that we are, concurrently and now. We then discover that there are lines of light drawn between our selves connecting us as a greater whole which are like stars in a constellation connected like dot to dot drawings. The greater whole we are is who we are, beyond this physical body and the subtle bodies to other selves. Each self we are is sending messages to itself, and is in divine communication, divine communication to the greater whole. 

Discovering who and what we are is an unfolding process of awe, of magnificence. Each of us is made of magnificence and here as a special aspect of divinity dancing in form. As we dance the dance of authenticity in grace, we are also mirrors of magnificence to others. We have the opportunity show them through mirroring their core essence - which is love. It is to see beyond the individual to the depth of their and our eternalness and connection to life. 

Expanding out into the vastness of being, to that perspective, we don't want to leave behind the individual's experiences, but we want to marry our human experience with something greater and know we are that. This opens up to forgiveness and self-love in that we know we are here for experience and learning. There is no hurry in being eternal! We never get it done, we keep moving and expanding. In expansion, we open up to empowerment in knowing we are bigger and more vast and more connected to source than we knew, expressing as human in this lifetime. We have so much support. We are here to shine and to find the ease and the flow in life.

We can have fun with it. We can find the joy in it, in being us. We can step into the mystery. Remember that we are eternal and connected to all and in service to all, yet all is in service to us to assist us on the path. Remember that Support and love is always there for the recieving upon asking. Please feel into what it means to be you, to be your unique self. Feel into your connection to the all and the love that is there for you. Feel how you are the love and it is what you are made of. Let this feeling and knowing lift you up into adoring yourself and your uniqueness in all the universe. Let it dissolve any thoughts of less than, of heirarchy. Let it give you comfort and inner allowance for embracing all of you. You are special and you are loved. 

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Thank you so much, Shivrael Luminance River