The Magic of March 2015: Manifesting the New Dream

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by April Bender via Higher Self


Welcome to the March Equinox Gateway!


Perhaps the most wondrous of all mystical creatures, the Unicorn
is a symbol of magic, miracles, dream manifestation, purity, innocence, and enchantment. 


Unicorn - Acrylic

Created by Karry T. Hesla

Whereas previously, the December solstice brought with it a new strata of high-vibrational foundational energies for the masters to impress upon that in which they would see manifest as part of the new dream and/or experience of New Earth – the recent powerful March equinox gateway energies (eclipse and new moon) are now bringing all, the opportunity and the energies conducive to manifesting that new world dream or "imprint" into reality. This is happening through the act of co-creation and cooperation along and within the (5-7D) Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life, which in many ways is still in its infancy but evolving rapidly.


It is also important to remember, that according to the natural cyclic rhythms of Earth and its collective, what is “seeded” in March will only continue to grow, flourish and mature throughout the rest of the coming year. So this indeed truly stands to be quite a remarkable year for magic and miracles to abound!


This will of course manifest in many different ways for various individual masters and lightworkers, both inwardly and outwardly. Some masters are still working through personal issues and processes such as the Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process much like the Collective at large, and will soon experience break-throughs, epiphanies, miracles and great movement where that vital inner work is concerned. And yet others, like yourself, have graduated and have moved on having completed that process, and are now integrating and harnessing the wisdom, gifts and capacities gleaned from it into the manifestation of the new Earth experience and the expansion and fortifying of their roles as luminous "nodal points" across and within the Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life through the acts of communication, further imprinting/energy work, and acts of co-creation. Through reaching out to others (either in assistance or co-creative partnership) they strengthen and fortify their positions of connection and higher information/codes as nodal points of the Higher Collective Mind, which in turn induces the Higher Collective Mind/Web of Life to grow and evolve. These masters also strengthen their positions as stewards, guardians and co-creator gods of the New Earth experience. Having concluded the Resolution, Reclamation and Soul Retrieval Process, these masters have the ability to step confidently into these roles. So there is great reward on the other side of that long and difficult process.


Know that there is no judgment as to where individual masters may find themselves within this overall framework of ascension, as masters are needed at every level to meet the needs of the Collective who reside at those levels. Do not become discouraged or angry with yourself if you find that you are still engaged in heavy clearing or process work. For doing so will only guarantee that you linger in this state longer than may be necessary. Instead, surrender into these processes, and allow them to inform and transform you. Don't be afraid to "feel into" that which needs to be acknowledged and released. Before you know it you will have moved through the entire process, and will find yourself clearly on the other side, fully remade into that which will see you confidently through the rest of your journey.


This process is also a test in many respects, in that you will be called to face any lingering fears or issues of insecurity, faith and/or vulnerability. For many of you felt ready to go from day one, but now that it's actually time to don your full/true roles (as you very much feel this pressure or soul urging acutely), many shy away, no longer sure if they can do it. They doubt themselves and they doubt the existence of a Divine Plan. I want to make it clear – Yes, you CAN do it! In fact, you are almost there! But you must break-through these lingering blocks and limiting beliefs. You must cast them off once and for all! This is your test! And of course even those masters who have successfully completed this phase will still have to deal with clearing work to some degree, but at this point it becomes more akin to maintenance work instead of full-on personnel immersion, if that makes sense.