MAN POWER GOD POWER: Alchemy, Turning Yourself Into Gold

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Inspired by Archangel Gabriel, Michael & Ascended Master Saint Germain

From MAN POWER GOD POWER, by Phillip E. Collins


 “You are starting the process of the fire, the burning away of the dross, the alchemical moment of the transformation of lead into gold. The lead is the old reality of duality. And that is being transformed. The gold is the new you. That changes and shifts you into the next millennia, the millennia of quantum shift and transformation from the destruction of the old. This process now is taking place,” Archangel Gabriel, The Second Coming.


From the unknowing and nothing comes everything. This is so difficult for the human mind to comprehend and accept. But your heart knows this already. The alchemist needs to develop a ‘heart-trust’ of this truth in order to create out of what appears no-thing, for, in reality, there is nothing. There is only everything!


True alchemy—mastery of self and all there is—can only come as a result of your divine connection to Source/God Power, the original Creator of All who dwells in no-thing. For in nothing, the void, lies all probabilities and possibilities. It’s difficult for the human mind to wrap itself around this truth.


If you are merely interested in changing a base metal into gold, what is about to be said is not for you. But if you are interested in transforming yourself into gold, well that’s another matter that will allow you to truly transform matter; for it only matters in matter.


The ascended masters of alchemy call alchemy the “true science of spirit.” When you know yourself and achieve self-mastery, you can master creation. For alchemy is simply the law of the transfer of energy, which you are. It is the impersonal law thatnothing can create something. It’s the way God Power created everything.  This law is fueled by a “constructive consciousness” that only serves the highest good of all. Just one iota of negativity or intention to harm will prevent alchemy, thus creation. Attempts to abuse the laws of creation only prevent creation. Since true alchemy begins with self, let’s now factor in the individual and his role in the use of alchemy.


Alchemy is the science of the enlightened individual who has come to know himself, to master self and to see himself as a reflection and an aspect of God Power, someone willing to activate his soul plan and to manifest his reason to be here. ( Google: “Life Mastery, A Guide For Creating The Life You Want And The Courage to Live It”). This is an ever-evolving process that does not develop overnight. It requires consistent commitment and support by your higher God Power-Self, higher realms, your I AM Presence, and the Christ Consciousness. This commitment and support will in time produce a real spiritual alchemist.


Some wonderful examples of successful alchemists are Jesus, the Christ, and the many ascended masters (including Saint Germain who is guiding this teaching) who all walked this Earth perfecting their alchemy prior to ascending to higher realms. Studying “The Seven Sacred Flames” will give you the history of these marvelous masters of alchemy and their many incarnations and contributions to humanity.


The concept and reality that nothing becomes something is challenging. Let us express it another way to allow us to integrate this cosmic truth. Can you see nothing as simply unexpressed energy, since everything is energy, expressed or not?  The void is filled with electromagnetic energy ready to be converted. True alchemy—employing universal laws and spiritual science—cannot yet be measured with the “natural” scientific tools we now have. We shall have these tools someday, but, for now, the true alchemist relies on the relationship with self in order to connect with the awesome laws and energy of creation.


As humanity raises their consciousness, more and more of these laws of creation will be revealed. If we all knew these laws now, that could be a dangerous thing for our planet and for humanity with our present state of awareness. Atlantis learned this the hard way when their civilization was destroyed because they were not able to use these laws for the good of all.


“God gets to experience all parts of itself and each creation of God gets to experience the whole. So one serves the other serves the other. This is the force of love. That is learning how to love. By learning about all the different infinite aspects of possibilities of creative expression of being of which God is made up, man (power) gets to experience itself as God (power), and God gets to experience all that He or She is made up of. And that is why God is love. For the purpose of creation is to love,” Archangel Gabriel, The Second Coming.


It would be good for the aspiring alchemist to realize that this true spiritual science is gifted to the individual who knows from where the wisdom came.  The meaning, value and purpose of alchemy are to teach humanity a way back home to where we came. We are all working our way back home (Google: “Coming Home To Lemuria, An Ascension Adventure Story.”)


So many teachings coming to humanity now are arriving at the same destination: our Source, our home. Once back home, the fulfillment of our immortal destiny can really begin in service to Source through divine alchemy.


Earlier alchemy was originally intended to be a way of enriching individual abundance by teaching the techniques of changing base metals into gold, thereby freeing many under the control of the few. Even though the few continue to control the many today, a new sense of freedom is at play now during these unique opportunities of ascension (moving into a higher realms of existence that was not available in the past).


Today, the transformation into gold is represented by your self-knowledge and self-mastery connecting you with your divine soul plan—knowing who you are, why you are here and moving through your talents and gifts into joyful unity/oneness/we consciousness. That’s the real gold! You will then know you are the alchemist who will determine the design of your creation.


The only way the alchemist can be successful is to know it is your God Power-given freedom to create through your freedom of choice and will (which no force can take away). As Beings of Creation—and being creators—we must create with no restrictions or restraints by anyone or anything. Once you know this you are ready for further studies in alchemy that will allow you to manifest for God and humanity (world service) that which serves the highest good of all. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. The intention of this book is to be part of your process.


“As a spiritual alchemist you will be in charge making conscious choices whenever you have awareness on all levels. You will choose consciously to move toward life to move toward the expansion of life, toward the awareness of life, toward acceptance of life rather than resistance to it. Then you will be choosing life. You are the truth, the light. And that truth shall set you free,” Archangel Gabriel, The Second Coming.


This process will begin by creating communities of equality, harmony and balance for all  (human, animal, plant and mineral) and knowing your planet is a living, conscious being who will not accept any further abuse of her body. You, the alchemist, will begin to remove the imbalances imposed upon your planet and humanity by yourselves. The most insidious type of bondage occurs when the prisoner knows not his/her bondage. It is time to wake up world. The true science of alchemy can set us free on Earth.  Are you ready to receive it? And create a new paradigm? Have you noticed the old one is dying?


Amazing alchemical advances (as we continue to awaken) can and will be achieved by all who are able to apply the teachings presented here and advance onward….

Remember and know, dear ones, the purpose of the true science of alchemy is to increase joy and happiness and to free humanity from every outer imbalance that does not serve the whole so you can be the God Powers you are.


Remember and know, dear ones, the purpose of the true science of alchemy is to increase joy and happiness and to free humanity from every outer imbalance that does not serve the whole so you can be the God Powers you are.

“The universe is an unified whole. Nothing is separate,” Archangel Gabriel, The Second Coming.


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“True Alchemy, mastery of self and All There Is, can only come as a result of your divine connection to Source/God Power, the original Creator of ALL who dwells in no-thing,” (The Second Coming, Archangel Gabriel Proclaims A New Age.") Channeled by Robert Baker, book written and edited by Joel D. Anastasi: 

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