Meditation and Visualization experiences

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I was feeling weird yesterday so I took the afternoon off work. After running some errands I came home. It was unbearable for me to sit inside so I sat out on our swing on the back porch and listened to the rain come down on our metal awning. It was incredibly peaceful.

There were some awesome cloud formations. The first one I saw was a low, dark, misty sort of cloud. I literally thought it was the Dark Mark at first. I watched it for a little while. Then Josh came out and I talked to him for a few moments. I looked back and it was all but gone. Only a few wisps remained.

A little while later another cloud caught my eye to the west. I can't even explain what it looked like. A light cloud in front of a darker cloud. And then all of a sudden it looked like a dolphin shaped cloud came out from behind the light cloud. It was really surreal. I'm fairly certain I was watching with my jaw dropped. The "tail" of the cloud even seemed to be kicking like a dolphin would!

I came inside a little after that as it had stopped raining. And also, I was hungry. It started raining a little while later after that and the sun was out! There was a gorgeous rainbow. It was a perfect ending to the day.

me under a rainbow

I also meditated outside in the rain for the first time ever. First time ever meditating outside. I guess it was just a bonus that it was raining. So peaceful. I started out with a greeting to any other beings who might be listening. I started out with a few mantras -- whatever came to me at the time, but I finally settled on the following:

I am pure energy. Pure being. Pure light. Pure love.

Eventually I took out the I am. I don't know how long I was out there, but it was splendid. I also tried a visualization that worked well for me a few days ago but I wasn't having it yesterevening.

Regarding the visualization, this was one of the first times I was able to see something so clear. It was Tuesday afternoon, after I had come home from work because I worked that evening. Josh and I were laying in bed when I thought that I hadn't meditated yet. And chances were I wouldn't do it that night after getting off work at 9, so I decided to do it then and there.

I don't remember how it started or if I had any mantras that day. The visualization came to me after about 5 minutes or so I'd say. I was standing in front of a window wearing a white billowy dress with my arms outstretched. Light was pouring in through the window and I was repeating "so much love. so much love to all." as white doves poured out of my chest and out the window. I drifted off to sleep with that visualization and didn't wake up for another few hours. Almost late for work.