Message from the Archangels of Mercy ~ Faith, Hope, Love and Charity

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Dear Readers,

Last night as I lay in my bed, the almost full moon peeked through my open windows and shone her brilliantly clear bright light into my bedroom. I’m already feeling the effects of her loving Light and the effect of the upcoming eclipse. Whilst the brilliant lunar energy brings into our awareness all that misappropriated energy which is ready to be embraced with Love Light and Gratitude, the alignment of the Eclipse brings us into a greater awareness of our connection to Source, and into greater alignment with our Christed Hearts.

What an immense blessing this is for us right now as we approach the new month of February! I have a simple affirmation I wish to share with you that I know will help you to receive this energy with ease and grace:

“I open to receive in joy and gratitude, and with much love, the beautiful crystalline frequencies of Light!”

That’s it! It’s important to be OPEN and in JOY. Just the utterance of these words create a shift within your energy field and you will find yourself smiling and relaxing. The energy is powerful and if you are resisting for any reason, you will feel tense and discomfort in your neck, and shoulders, and most likely experience an aching head! Keep your diet light this next week, the energy needs to flow, and also drink lots of water. Water is not only cleansing, its conductive nature helps the new incoming Light frequencies to take effect, be integrated.

Yesterday I felt myself deeply drawn into the storm of 3D energy around me and I lost my equilibrium for a while. Feelings of hopelessness, despair and anxiety flooded my consciousness and I was overcome with a deep sadness. For a while there I was tempted to just allow myself to be engulfed with these feelings, but then something magical happened. I found on YouTube a tribute to the life of Padre Pio, and while I watched it, I felt my my hands, feet and crown buzzing with energy and my vibration began to lift. I felt the deep love of the Lords, Ladies and Masters of Light, of Archangel Michael and his Beloved Faith, Lord Maitreya, Lady Nada, Lord Sananda, Lord Sunat Kamara, Saint Germain, Lord Lanto, Master El Morya, to name a few. I felt as if the whole of Creation was conspiring to help me, as if the Cavalry had moved in closer to reach into my being and awareness to bring me back from the edge of the abyss, back into my center, and into my Sacred Heart. Soon after I got into bed last night, I heard myself repeating the affirmation above and I felt my energy shifting. I began smiling and felt the genuine joy of just being alive in this moment. I lay back relaxed and surrendered into the infinite flow of Grace.

The Archangels of Mercy came to me with a message ~ They represent and Faith, Hope, Love and Charity and their message is this:

“Put aside your differences. It doesn’t matter which religion you belong to or what level of education you have, or on which side of the world you live, or on which side of the railway line for that matter. Creation is diverse for that very reason. How utterly boring would life be if you were all the same? The lesson here is for you to look past your differences, and instead of judging one another, acknowledge one other, and see the Essence of each other through the inner spark of love that was placed in your heart by your Creator.

As you open your heart, and learn to love your neighbor, the spark will ignite into the full Flame of God’s Love, and so will you as an individual and as nations, move forward into peace and prosperity in your world.

These words are not just for Capetonians who are suffering from the ravages of drought, or for South Africans as they strive to find peaceful resolution among themselves. They are for all countries, all nations.

Haven’t you suffered enough? Haven’t there been enough wars? Enough conflict? Enough pain endured? Put aside your differences, put aside the borders that separate you.

You all ONE in the eyes of God. This means that God loves each and every one of you, and as the perfect Parent, does not choose one child, nor one nation over the other.

You are all brothers and sisters of the same Family! You are all angels! All of you have come from the same Source, and hold within you the same Seeds of the Creator’s Love.

Allow those seeds to bloom and grow! Water them through your open eyes and willing heart. Allow Love and Light to lead the Way forward into peace and prosperity, into joyful unity for all nations.”

God is Love, and love is all there is.

We Love You!


Receive loving guidance from Archangel Michael :



Deborah Faith

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