A message to help Humanity

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Guidance which comes from our own knowledge and experiences which are transformative while allowing events to unfold, gradually without causation of judgments or critics, can probably cause effects which seems similar to a neutral perspective on thoughts which are interchanged daily by individuals, as we have conversations and such etc.

The potential we have within, can be differentiated by processes of assimilation, which we concurrently have as a system within that causes us to bring on properties of the effects carried on by past assimilations.

Concurrent Nodes Adjacent to Infinity, had a purpose in its existence, what this purpose is may be unknown, but the fabrics which shifts while something as perceptions, which can be carried on to other individuals (Assimilate Within) an aspect of energy, which is held under currents of our consciousness, impartial to the effects of the subconscious or super conscious etc. The propositions carried on by effects (triggers) which allows the "assimilated perception" to rise, is attributable to a formation of conscious resonance which is linked to our knowledge from experiences which can be put aside, or never "attained" until we have construed the effects of assimilations...

The bigger picture seems to have partials of a totality which exists infinitely, in many different forms of energy which is transposed from consciousness to allow processes which assimilates links to higher apertures that causes us to end up with a formulation, which can be known as a concept, vision, picture, realization and many more constructs which have tendency to disperse while it is NOT the time to have, from the trigger, the effects of its existence.

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