~Message From The Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa, 8~8~11

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~Message From The Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa, 8~8~11




~Channeled By Galactic Love Reporter  Wes Annac~



The hold that has been on humanity for so long is now to be breached. Ready yourselves for the things to come, and know that we have entered a New Age. The ways that have for so long run your planet are fast disintegrating and this is a process that is not just planetary but personal. We can feel the difficulties presented by all of you pertaining to this process, just know that you are getting through it marvelously and venturing further and further into the higher dimensions. We are very happy to be helping you at this time, and soon you will rediscover our ties to eachother. We are very present in your unconscious memory and now is a time where tapping into said memory is getting easier and easier. The veils are thinning, personally and worldwide. We continue to ask, are you ready?

Dear Ones we ask this question not to make you feel like you aren't doing enough, but to shift your thoughts toward that of preparing yourselves for ascension and the many wonders that follow. We have said this many times, you are all doing unfathomably well. Your strength and courage in withstanding the dark energies simply cannot be matched, and you are highly revered souls on the heavenly planes. Indeed every one of you is a part of a bigger soul, and many of you are beginning to rediscover those from your own spiritual family. It was always intended to be this way Dear Ones as you have a natural energetic attraction to those from your soul group, and this energy brings you together in one way or another.

The Divine energies of Light have daily been reaching your planet, and we know this increase in energies has been felt by you all in a number of ways. Fatigue usually sets in earlier than usual for most, but these are feelings that can be transmuted with the help of one's guides. Simply state your intent to have a spiritual guide with you, and you will find them. Many of your guides are simply standing by waiting to be called on. Dear ones, we ask you to take advantage of these opportunities, to receive the help your guides so dearly wish to give you. It is by sheer command and strength of will that one brings the divine energies of their guide to themselves. We wish so dearly that you could understand these matters from our point of view, and that time is coming very soon.

Many have been keeping themselves caught up in politics, we tell you that your current system is both illusory and has no future on your world. For too long your world has been ruled by the interests of the few. Through your manifestation powers and our help, we have achieved a world fit for ascension. Matters are very close to coming to a head, and we will continue to remind you of this fact even if it is not comforting to hear. Many of the problems you experience daily actually cause your frustration in other areas of Life, and it is regretable that so many souls give their energies to that of politics. The current 'big' governments who think they run the world have never had their interests be in the people's favor. Instead, many follow their own routes of greed and destruction, these souls will be exposed not for what they are, but for what they have done. The reason we say this Dear Ones is because what these souls are, is Divine. Despite the acts perpetrated against humanity by these few, deep down even they carry the Divine Godspark that is present in all of us. Those souls you brand the Illuminati will eventually find the Light in their own respects. For now, their network of power upon your planet has been eroded, with no possible chance of recovery. Even they knew this time was going to come, and yet even still they attempt to stall progress. They know that at this point, stalling progress is all they can do.

Greetings to all! I AM SanJAsKa of The Pleiadian Council of Nine. I come here before you to share my words of Love and support for all. Many acts have been committed across your planet of war, and these acts are to come to a halt. The wars your world is presently engaged in are to cease sooner than you all realize, in fact there are many legal documents now in place to abolish these wars altogether. We will allow for an easy transition into this New World, as it will be shocking for many. The thought of world peace and ending all wars will sound quite great to many people however, and it is because of our bringing of Peace that so many will be able to accept us when we make First Contact.

You see, the initial disclosure announcments are to go a long way in showing all that we are of a Peaceful nature. Through the Akashic records we are able to show every moment that has ever been, and thus we will be able to both expose the dark ones fully, and prove our loyalty, allegiance to and Love for humanity. So many Lightworkers have waited so long and done so much work to bring these times into being, Dear Ones I ask how does it feel standing on the cusp of victory? How does it feel having so many Angels and friends cheer you on the whole way, and to know that your efforts made a difference on this world? The dear Lightworkers who have held the line for so long and commited thmeselves to manifesting so many miracles will finally have their day in the sun, only this day is to last all of eternity!!

We are happy as ever to be reporting to you all, as you dearly deserve to know the direction in which things are heading. A quiet spiritual revolution has been well underway for some years now, and all who have been involved are to finally see the fruits of their labors! We have been both helping you and cheering you on, the time when we meet shall prove most satisfying on both sides!! Continue to ready and prepare yourselves, as the world you once knew is fading away, to be replaced by the world you have been visualizing, manifesting and bringing into being by your efforts, collectively and individually!!

I AM SanJAsKa of The Pleiadian Council of Nine, and together with the Pleaidian High Council wish you to know that the time of loss and frustration is over, and the time of strength and happiness is upon you all. The levels of creation and spirituality you will reach are at present unfathomable to you, just know that the beauty you are returning to simply can't be matched by the third dimension. This beauty and Harmony is your true home, we ask you all to embrace it!!



I am ready to meet my

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I am ready to meet my spiritual guide. Has my guide been in contact with me recently? I have so many questions for my guide. I am excited for first contact. Please respond back.