A Mini-Reading and Channeled Message For The Solstice. Athena: “A Time Of Rediscovery.” By, Bella Capozzi. June 21, 2013.

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☼ Happy Summer Solstice!  I woke up this morning already experiencing the stunning power of of the incoming frequencies;  this in the form of a sharp pain shooting through my Pineal gland, off and on, at regular intervals.  Also, I’m experiencing some sort of additional activation in ear-chakras, which I think is pretty cool.  My Team is telling me that both of these discomforts are associated with the energies further opening up my channels of communication.  They are also telling me that this is not exclusive to select individuals-these activations are happening across the board, to everybody.  Hooray!

☼ I chose to pull a card from the Messages From Your Angels Deck, and who should emerge but the magnificent Athena.  How fitting that we should have a visit from Athena today, on this special day of increased power and integration!  I’m so happy to see her.  Her presence is a sign of strength and infallibility, but also of protection and safety.  We are being cared for in these trying times.  We are being watched and loved.

☼ I have always felt a personal connection to Athena, and she is close at hand as I type this.  She is indicating that the theme of this particular Summer Solstice is the integration of our many Selves:  Human, Angelic, Galactic, to name but a few.  She tells us that the downloads are plentiful today, and might feel overwhelming to those of you who are only now beginning to awaken and come into their own power.  Or for that matter, even the most seasoned of us can expect theses activations to be really obvious.  But it’s all fine.  Just allow them to flow through you.  Relax.  Be good to yourself.  Drink lots of lemon-water and juices.  She says it is also helpful, because of the intense nature of these frequencies, to avoid heavy, carbohydrate-laden foods. If you’re tired, then rest.  If you’re full of energy and jumping out of your skin, then go run around the neighborhood and burn it off!  Follow the promptings of your body and your soul.

☼ Athena tells us that we must stand in our own power.  We must begin to consciously recognize both the female and male energies that course through us, and use them to our best advantage.  It’s important that we stand very firm in our beliefs.  We must speak our truth, but  we must do so in manner exemplified by the Blessed Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, during their days on the planet;  with grace, compassion, sensitivity and class.  Accept that you are a force to be reckoned with, but choose your weapons wisely.  Wield your sword with a gentle hand.  Practice reconstruction rather than destruction.  Seek to educate and enlighten, to uplift and imbue those you encounter with confidence and faith.  These are the qualities of a true Master.  And this Solstice is uncovering the Mastership in us all.  It is a time of rediscovery.

My project (to import a lot of the posts from my old blog) is still ongoing.  I thought it fitting to share one of my original messages from Athena, which really ties into the advice she gave us today.  I’ve posted it below…

UnknownATHENA. Kindness And Gratitude: The Cornerstones Of The Ascension Process.  (Originally posted on June 1, 2012.)


Dear Children, it is with a heart overfilled with love and good wishes that I come to you this sunny morn.  Sunny and abundant it is, for we are closer than ever to the realization of our dream.  Yes, our dream, yours and mine and that of the Legions of the Heavenly Realms.  So, indulge me if you would, my darlings, in my joyous ramblings, for I am of a mind to bring in June on a pleasing note!  My message is quite short and simple, and I shall neither digress nor embellish.  However, I would like my words to serve as a possible first-step for the newly awakening and as a much needed reminder to our more seasoned warriors.  It has come to my attention and to the attention of many in my company, that it is time for a reminder of the most fundamental tenets of what the Ascension process truly is.  Of what it entails.  It is most normal and expected of one embodying the human form to want to dissect and to study everything down to it’s most minute particle.  This often results in making a situation or a concept far more complicated than it need be.

And so it is with the topic of Ascension.  This is not something which is complex at all, but rather there is nothing you shall ever face in this lifetime-or any other-which is simpler nor easier to understand.  It is not about grasping difficult concepts of the planet’s history, of quantum physics and sacred geometry; though the knowledge of these is most commendable and beautiful.  It is not about tearfully beseeching the Star Brethren to scoop you up in a beam of light and carry you afar.  It is not about escapism at all.   Nor is it about placing oneself upon a pedestal, to lord it over those who cling to the old ideals.  It is not about the overthrow of governments and finance, disclosure or arrests, or even the punishment of those you feel have wronged yourself or society as a whole.  Rejoice not in another’s misfortune, as this is not The Way of The Christ.  Oh, never question that they shall answer to the Father, as those issues will all be addressed and rectified in good time.  Remember to approach them not from the standpoint of judgement and retribution, but with compassion, prayers for restoration and  in the spirit of His forgiving heart.   Ascension is all about the heart.  Yes, the heart.  That is all.  When you are living in the heart, everything else will fall neatly into place.  To ascend is to raise ones vibration.  And to raise your vibration you must eat, sleep and breath from the very core essence of the heart.  You must both embody and emanate the grace of the Holy Mother.  You must walk the Earth as Sananda walked it, as the Magdalene walked it.  In a state of generosity and goodness.  As one who does not judge another, but reaches out a helping hand to guide them towards the light; at a time when they are falling prey to the darkness.  You must be kindness personified.

No finer opportunity exists for you now, than the in the expansion of your loving heart.  Growth can occur no place else, do not doubt that this is so.  Knowledge will take you far, but purity of intent will take you farther.  Cultivate a loving vibration and demeanor and live it, be it, each and every day.  It is by the embracing, and then the expressing of the qualities of the 5th dimensional living  that you make it manifest within your own planetary reality.  Indeed, it truly is that basic!

It was not my intent to run on, so in closing permit me to remind you also to be grateful.  Be grateful for everything.  Be it your health, your children, your home, the food you eat…  Thank the Father and Mother many times over, throughout the course of every day.  While it may not always appear so, it is a tremendous honor and a blessing to walk the planet Earth in human form, during these most illustrious of times.  Your concept of a Gratitude Journal is a fine one, also, as it serves to remind you to to be forever grateful.  Might I suggest you keep one, and update it each evening upon retiring?  And please do steer clear of that which lowers your vibration, be it a person, place or activity.   Your healthy energy is a key component of the whole.  Know that you cannot go wrong, when you keep in mind that kindness and gratitude are the cornerstones of the Ascension process.  If nothing else, it is this very concept that you have need to master.  Share it. Teach it.  Then venture forth with a giving heart.

From my own loving heart, I bid you honor and peace.   I Am Athena.

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