Mother Earth = Heart is a Starship!

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Important Message from The Earth Allies ~

Let Your Light Shine, Its TIME




“The Original Light, and The First Thought is Love ”

Pre-First Contact Update of the Highest Truths= High Velocity Light. Truth is Love in its Highest Form. Through Truth, Honest Information, Healing can Be Accomplished. This is Our Service To ALL of YOU. They Have called Us Many names, one being The Bringers of The Light, Meaning Bringers of the Truth. Light is The same as Truth. WE Provide You the Whole Truth, not bits and pieces, or parts, which is still separation and the old paradigm.


The New Paradigm is Wholeness, Healing, Unconditional Love, Oneness with Everything, Completeness, Peace, Happiness, Joy, This IS What WE Represent and are Bringing in for Planet Earth=Heart. The True Whole Information in its Entirety. For Through this Healing Occurs indefinitely. Love and Truth Heal!!!







Let your Light shine...

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I've been waiting for just this moment to bring this message to your awareness for all of us...