Mother Mary: “…Breathe LOVE In and Out, Together, in Rhythm…” – Channeled by Fran Zepeda May 21, 2014

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1743592_10151997588740547_1041195627_nMother Mary:


Hello sweet beautiful Beloveds. As you Breathe in the Love of Creator, of Source, you become more whole and vibrant with the Love Essence that you are. As you breathe in and out, you encompass the Universe, you encompass the Multiverse, composed of All-That-Is….You become All-That-Is. You become One with All. You reacquaint yourselves with the Source Divine Energy that you are – It isSimply You. Everything else is Extraneous.

You are Beautiful Beings beyond all measure as you dip into your True Essence, as you breathe the fresh light air and atmosphere of the Gods. For that is what you all are: Creator Gods coming into your True Being, composed of Light and Love and evermore of Purity. You are Purity. You are Innocence. You are Powerful.

All the beauty of the world that you are breathing in is fodder for more creation of Beauty, more creation of Love, creations of the purest sense and the purest form. Breathe in and out LOVE, and the Beauty of the World will manifest in the form of your pure loving thoughts and dreams.

You are discovering just how magnificent you are, my beloveds. What you offer to yourselves you offer to the world, and what you offer to the world, you offer to yourselves. Every particle of Light and Love that you breathe in has the potential for creation of Beauty. You just need to give it the form of your pure loving thoughts and dreams. It is that simple, yet it is that difficult unless you bypass the old constructs and mindsets.

And that you are doing, bit by bit, and so it becomes more simple and pure for you as you just breathe in Love and breathe out Love and notice your thoughts and discard all that is not of what you desire in purity for your world. It is that simple, and not so difficult, as you gather all your resources unto you and just breathe out LOVE to all and everywhere.

You are now becoming a living, breathing example of LOVE Manifest, and as you tear down the walls of your ego, it is becoming more clear to you that you are the Masters of your Universe, of the Multiverse, of All-That-Is.

Feel the gentle pulsing in your Being and in your Heart of this vibrant LOVE claiming your Essence now. Feel the Joy welling up in you as you realize that you are One with All and you Love All as you Love Yourself –  As you Love every Being and everything easily and without judgment or analysis.It just Is.

You flow with everything now. You Are everything now. LOVE is taking over everything in your wake now as you embrace it, and become it, and walk and talk it.

LOVE colors everything now for you. It IS YOU. Breathe it in, dear ones, Breathe it out. Become the LOVE that is all around you now, yours for the taking, for the ingesting, for the inhaling. And breathe it out for all to enjoy: One organism breathing in and out, can you feel it? – In rhythm with all, as you breathe Love in and Out.

Let LOVE now be your every thought, your every action, your every motivation, your every breath. You will be astounded at what you can create now just BEING LOVE, Breathing it In and Out, and feeling it to the core of your being and offering it to all as simply as you breathe in and out.

Breathe with us now as the veils are disintegrating. Feel the magnitude of the creation of this LOVE Reality that you have entered into and are contributing to with deeper and deeper conviction and presence as youBreathe LOVE In and Out for all humanity to join in and take up the rhythm.

All my Love is yours, as we breathe LOVE In and Out, together, in rhythm.

Mother Mary


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