Mother Mary Blessings of Love's picture

With gratitude and humility and my heart as one with the joy experienced through communion with the divine I share Mother Mary's love. 
Blessings and love,

Jose Sanchez

Hail Mary Mother of love
Thy kingdom is present within me 
Thy joy is my own 
May in bliss my heart greet you 

Your Holy blessed heart with love my soul fills
Your triple fold flame my light awakens 
Your Motherly love with humility blesses me 
Sands of time and infinity dwell within your sacred fold 
Transmutation of the self into angelic wisdom as I gaze upon thy beauty

Hail Mary Queen of Angels 
With your beloved heart and through your divine wisdom you have seeded my soul
with the Christed light

Hail holder of the flame of the Heavenly Mother
Holder of the trinity of love 
Awaken within me the sacred heart and may you as the heavenly mother bless my joy

Hail Mary Mother to the Son of Man
With your loving heart may you mirror my own light
With you sacred flame may my will be strong and  be your own as I serve the most high

Hail Mary Goddess of sacred initiations 
Awaken the light codes within my vessel as I give way to the light of lights

Hail Mary Mother of Radiance
May you shine as the sun deep within my heart 
Surrounded by heavenly roses of the pink light 
My heart I bow before you as I dwell within your embrace 
My lungs filled with your divine fragrance of blissfulness as I declare my love to you 
In your divine unity I find my strength upon your holy gaze 

Upon your embrace the light of lights I call my home 
and so it is now and through all eternity

Amen, Amen, Amen
Adonai, Adonai it Saba E

and with this prayer Mary queen of angels blessed my heart and my home with her presence as I paid tribute to her service in the light. As I thought her blessings were over she filled my heart with love as I received her wisdom heart to heart. May you be filled with the same joy I have felt through her words as her divine love is infused in each an every one of her words in this message of hope. 

Mother Mary
My son within your heart I feel the joy of humanity as it approaches its grandest dance of joy. 
Day by day the energies shift and grow in frequency as decreed by the Father/Mother of All. 
As I gaze upon you and hold you in the embrace of my heart I feel the purity and the love humanity carries within. This is now the time of great awakening and as the tide changes and the waves of the cosmos move you all forth in the  higher octaves of light. Heaven rejoices as the day of the great Thanksgiving approaches. 
Humanity is deep within the fold of divine unity and you are all beginning to realize there is indeed no separation and we are all as one. 

The beloved soul you call Mother Earth has now fully taken her crystalline self and her grid of light is now fully realized you now live in a holy planet pure in its crystalline core and burning with the sacred triple flame as it moves deeper and higher within her path of unity realization. 
In the days to come upon the arrival of the day of gratitude three days henceforth humanity shall begin its mirroring of this sacred union as your hearts match the three fold flame of Mother Earth as you all hum and sing in unity and as this takes place you will all align with the core of your cosmos becoming as one heart beating in a beautifully orchestrated symphony of love. 

I am here now with the legions of heaven ready to bear witness to the greatest change of all, to the day when Humans become the creators of love and the conscious carriers of the sacred flame within your loving hearts. 
Know your DNA has fully activated and the light codes within it awakened to be able to carry the sacred fire of the Almighty. 

My beloved children may you carry this holy flame with love and humility in your hearts. 
I now bless you all with the love that only pure love can know.