My Light Body Just Jumped In

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A few days ago I noticed a new sensation: my body felt heavier, more solid, and with much more power than I used to have. It is like the mental power of will has inhabited all of my cells. It is like the 'ki-yai' of Karate, the power from Hara warning an attacker, deciding to place a welcome mat at the door and moving in to everywhere else in my body too.

I used to be quite floaty. For years it has been uncomfortably so. Over the past seven years, I have experienced more grounding and stability through my major life lessons at this time.

In the past six weeks, I have developed a hunger for sunlight. It resets everything deep inside of my body, my emotions, and gives me great sense of peace. Instantly  I am feeling a tingling sensation throughout pathways inside my body, like invisible wires but not nerves. I sense the travel of light inside my essence. It is good, and it is satisfying. Ten minutes of direct sunlight seems to be enough.

My appetite has decreased recently, as also has my need for sleep. I used to require six to eight hours. Now I function happily on four.

Somehow I know my Light Body is in my Physical Body. I just know it. I can't explain it any better than I have. I don't have words to describe it the way I would like.

Spirit says this is important and that I should share with you. So I am. I hope you find it helpful. If you would not mind sharing back if you are having likewise I would appreciate it very much.





Hi,     I am having some of

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I am having some of the same things as you!  I drink water all the time, have been, and just since May, I've lost alot of weight.  I'm just not hungry anymore, honestly, I love to eat, but I just don't even think about it.  It'll be like 2 before I even try to remember if I did eat something.  Cool, though.


I hear ringing in my ears constantly.  I still need some good sleep.


Thanks for sharing!

Hi yes feeling the same way too!

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Hello dear daughter of rebekah and yes me too - marvellous feelings and hunger for sunshine, as well as what I call the 'incredible lightness of being'....eating little, sleeping less...feeling like I did as a child...happy and carefree despite financial woes...attracting much love into my life as people appear to be arriving to help even as I help them...hugs! <3<3<3

Madame Butterfly

    Dearest Madame Butterfly,

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Dearest Madame Butterfly, Wow, that was cool!  I know that being in sync is a sign that you are on the right path?!  Right?!  I'll have to look up what 13 or 44 means!  I know that 55 is the numbers for Archangel Michael, that's cool too!  I'm having SEVERE finanacial struggles as well, but one way to look at it is that if you have nothing of this world, then you are distancing yourself from the matrix.  I seem to be remember different times in my life and how I felt at particular moments as I'm walking or something.  I'll suddenly remember something I haven't thought about in years.  Good and bad.  But I get the same feeling like I did when I was young, and could just imagine everything as being like a fairy garden or something like that.  I love that feeling of innocence!  I plan on getting some sun in today too.  Have a blessed day!  Namaste!

...amazing synchronicity!

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hello Guest you and I just had a moment of synchronicity - our comments were posted at the same second - 16:44 - which is a significant number with the 144 in it!


This is serendipitous synchronicity!

Madame Butterfly


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last night i had the experience of seeing things as tho' a flashbulb had gone off & my hands were emitting blue & green balls of energy