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Greetings friends,

April's Airings is back!

These past three years or so have been an incredible journey for me to the very soulful depths of my being. While I am sorry for my inconsistency in messages during this time, in order to become an even better and more refined channel and healer, this hiatus and some additional training, practice, and study was necessary. I felt overall, that I needed to return to a sense of "wholeness of being" and that I should focus the majority of my energies on this goal.

You see I realized I was sorely imbalanced, working mostly in and connecting with the upper realms, while beautiful and peaceful, left me not feeling like I belonged or wanted to be on Earth. When I eventually came back down so to speak, I felt only the pang of longing for a home seemingly so far away from our lowly material one. Sound familiar?

This is perhaps why you've noticed my channeled messages having a bit of an earth-based flavor in the last year or so. I have indeed been working intensely the last three years within various earth-based traditions: Native American, Shamanism (both Native American, Harner's frame, and Celtic), Celtic spirituality and seership practices, and Appalachian Folk Magic. I even made my own hand-held drum with a Michigan Ojibwa tribal elder/leader as well as trained with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies for shamanic journeying. I learned a great deal about and received many gifts from the Lower World as well as the Upper World through this practice.

I learned how to expand my inner channels of communication not only with Upper World beings but with Lower (animal collective essences, planetary heirarchy, the Fey) and Middle World (our physical everyday Earth reality) beings as well. This includes discarnate and incarnate essences. I reconnected and bonded with my earthly ancestors, just as deeply as I am connected with and bonded to my star family. I have made friends and allies with life force essences on many levels of creation as well as Self on many levels of creation. These days, I never walk alone or just with Higher Self, now I actually have a posse! I've never felt more supported and loved in my journey on Earth as I do now. Every morning I awake before dawn in order to welcome the wisdom and energies of the East and to ground and protect myself within my circle of the 7 directions.

I've also embraced my creativity in ways I had not thought possible. I've been joyfully drawing, painting, and writing poetry. Most of it is inspired by nature, beauty, relationships...LIFE, or as Thomas Moore would say "soul." I learned that spirit/spirituality is not the same as soul/soulful...and that is one distinction that all light-workers and those working towards ascension should know. It would save them from experiences of serious discomfort, loss of health/vitality, and the feeling of desperate homesickness. Connecting with the Earth and Earth Goddess/Divine Feminine energy is necessary and vital, as she sustains our physical existence and inspires us toward the realm of Higher Spirit in multiple ways. So a balance or better yet a partnership between the two is crucial: both spirit and soul; upper and lower world; Mother Earth and Father Sky. We are the conduits to hold and integrate these differing energies/aspects, thus bridging heaven/Earth and what we perceive as duality within us. This is how we and the Earth ascend. Or as many indigenous cultures and magic practitioners put it, the "re-enchantment of the world" begins.

I also trudged through as much of my psychological belief system network as I could, examining the intricate circuitry of every line and connection. I also read, researched, and studied...voraciously which aided in this self-psychological examination. I stumbled across such illuminations as Matthew Fox's work concerning the concept of "original sin" versus the truth of "original blessing," and all the heartache that has been caused in the world as a result of St. Augustine's ridiculous original sin decree. Is it no wonder that woman, indigenous and other creation-based tradition peoples, the Earth and her creatures have been treated so abysmally? In a fall/redemption, patriarchal paradigm where these things are considered "fallen" or "lowly" of course they are going to be raped, trampled upon, abused, mistrusted, and disregarded. In looking at my own belief systems around this, I realized that yes, even some of the implications of this mindset still lingered within me due to societal conditioning. And this was just one example of such enlightening reading that lead to conversations and reflections with Self to restructure my beliefs and therefore, thinking/manifesting processes.

I share all this with you dear reader as background context to the redesign and relaunch of April's Airings. I've changed the look, feel and future content of the blog to reflect what is now a more whole, refined, and integrated (ascended and grounded) April. As a result, I will not only offer channeled messages on this blog but also articles, resources, personal musings, and creative expressions in the form of poetry and art. Please take or consume what resonates and feel free to discard the rest. With the relaunch of this blog, I commit whole-heartedly to regular posts and/or timely communications. And please, as always, share your thoughts and experiences with me via the comments section.

Thank you so much for walking with me on this incredible epic journey...

In love, light, and immense gratitude,


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