The new Meditation Vibrations CD is out now!

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Listen to it here!

Latest unsolicited testimonials about Meditation Vibrations' Energy Alignment Music:

”OMG!  Is all I have got to say about your music right now!  I am listening to it right now and the vibrations that are moving in and through me are incredible!!  I am receiving a DEEP complete transformative healing right now as I type!   Thank you for sharing this amazing gift!   Beautiful music!  Beautiful energy!”

- Carol Longacre

"I've listened to the meditation cd several times and it is absolutely stunning. I am blown away - such depth, such beauty. Thank you for sharing this rich gift with me. Seriously, stunning."

-Tai of

Listen to it here!

Blessings to you all.





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Meditation boost immunity system and reduce the risk of major health problems so meditation is vital for healthy life. Meditation improves your mood and reduce the risk of hypertension, obesity, heart disease and some cancers. Meditation improve your concentration and increase brain functions. 

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