Our Fifth Domain World

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The Beginnings of our Fifth Domain World 

These times that have been of the divine plan and blueprint for Gaia and this Solar system is now upon us.  It was always known from the time this universe was conceived as a thought in God’s mind that Gaia and this Solar system would move from 3rd domain to 3rd domain dual to a 5th domain planet. Never before in cosmic history has a planet evolved from 3rd domain dual to 5th domain with life remaining on the planet.  In the divine blueprint all life that remains on Gaia during the transition will evolve into fifth domain forms. Humans awakening into Soul in form, remembering their purpose(s) for being here will sculpt this fifth domain energy into a living, breathing fifth domain world collaborating and co-creating with all life, Gaia, the Solar System to do so.  There is great purpose to this which all of you know from Soul. You are all majestic beings who chose and were chosen to be here during these times, capable of bringing forth the truths you hold within – which requires your free will conscious choice and action, for while this world is fully fifth domain what is required now is for humans to step forward from their Soul knowing and sculpt and craft this new world.  We are now completing the first year of fifth domain energy being fully encoded within this orb, Solar system and beyond.  This finalized December 31, 2011 and continues expanding and deepening.  You know within the new geometrics, colors and tones that is within every substance of molecular structure in all life and within Gaia. Being and living the love that you are allows you to open with grace to your Majesty –true wisdom.  Aligning in every moment to these 5th domain energies allows you to unfurl your ego’s tendencies with grace and ease gaining the wisdom required to lay aside what is not cosmic truth.  There is a caution here – aligning with a 3rd domain dual world that reflects as a mirror only harm, will intensify human propensities. The 5th domain energies of love, compassion and joy with harm to none support you in knowing and living in the love, joy and truths that you are.  You are all noticing more and more love within you, your world and beyond.  As this energy is sculpted by each of you from your Soul knowing this will expand.  Third domain energies are no longer being sustained on Gaia from the Godhead.  In this expansion the 3rd domain dual world structures that remain will eventually collapse.  Both cannot live side by side as they are energetically incompatible.  You must chose. Living from your Soul you will know how to move in each moment, be taken care of and live from your Soul’s knowing, bringing forth your magnificent unique expression in ways that your human mind cannot conceive of.  


  Where we are now as a fifth domain world

These times upon this orb are rich with the seeds of divine cosmic truths that have been sowed throughout the eons, both before the fall into duality, and after.  Those with open hearts and living in harm to none are accessing these seeds and through their blossoms are remembering in pieces what they know as truth.  More are stepping into expanded states of the love that they are with more becoming Self Realized throughout the globe.  The energies that are being felt by many and realized by some are the expansion of themselves and fifth domain energies in all life.  Many are experiencing discomforts within their forms that reflect the body’s adjustment to fifth domain and expanded energies of Soul within the form.  All systems in the human form are adapting and transitioning to this fifth domain energy as well as to their Soul energy expansion.  The way your brain will respond is different then in a 3rd domain world.  You may feel wavy, dizzy, access memory differently, hear differently… including new tones, see new colors, experience the energies of your world around you and have absolute clarity and knowing on how to proceed in a moment. How you eat, move, sleep may radically alter in a moment.   We suggest you follow the prompting of you and your form’s needs.  All of your body’s organs and systems are changing, becoming lighter, vibrating faster.  There are many stories of those that are experiencing spontaneous healings, of drastic sight improvement, healing of ailments that have plagued some for years. There is no illness in a fifth domain world, yet while we are in transition which will be so for a number of years some will continue to experience.  Animal and plants that are staying are also undergoing form transitions.  Many humans and animals, by Soul choice are now exiting in increased numbers which is part of the plan.  Many plant species also will be transitioning….those remaining will adapt to fifth domain energies. This will continue and expand.  New species of 5th domain plants and animals are coming forth and being discovered all over the globe.  There will be recurrent, ongoing climatic and earth changes to further facilitate the changing form of Gaia assisting her proper alignment of a fifth domain world.  It is suggested that all listen and pay heed to inner messages of where to be, where not to be, to accumulate when known from within items necessary for sustenance, to turn left instead of the planned right.  Trust in the Self – Soul is where to live the life from.


 Human response

Fifth domain energy flows from the Godhead and as more humans have responded to the call of love and truth of these energies from their knowing the fifth domain energies have expanded into fuller physical expression resulting in all life and structures that are not of love, truth and integrity to rise to the surface.  We see this everywhere we look,  breaches of integrity are revealed immediately, more governments are determining solutions to serve more people, individual choices are being honored and accepted where they have not in the past, legalized gay marriages are expanding, corrupt systems including governments, banking, corporations are being revealed and falling away,  people are gathering peacefully globally to demand a new way, demanding fairness, equality, sustenance in countries where there has been none.  There is a demand, a new call by many that is expanding to stop oppression of all kind.   At the same time new ways of being and sharing are coming forth globally.  A Symposium of different religions took place in Florence and Rome October 2012 and all over the Internet one can find the groups that are talking about evolutionary beings, Soul Purpose, collaborations, co-creations, …..which in 2009 when we went out with Eros Wyrushes this languaging was not present .  Groups of people are offering hugs worldwide in public, free singing in public places to uplift those that listen,  new heart based ways of sustenance and technologies that honors and can be shared by all life, sharing and supporting on social media platforms of the heart of poetry, images and video to assist in connecting of the heart with those we have not met physically, yet connect with in our love.   Over time as more humans chose the love and truths of themSelves this will topple as a wave does more and more structures not in alignment with cosmic truths of this new fifth domain world.  Many are yearning for community and choosing that format in many ways - - there will be movement towards specific geographic areas by many….the very beginning stages of forming the 5th domain communities that will be co-created on by many on our beautiful blue planet.  Awareness of dishonoring all life and changing to chose that honor all life is on the rise. 


Energetic Beings In and Out of Form

All is energy.  All life is energy. You as an Evolutionary Soul were created from the Godhead and are both in a human form on Gaia as well as engaging in energetic activities in the cosmos.  You are majestic and limitless in your expression, are never alone, collaborate and co-create with many in the cosmos even as you engage in your human life. Earth is not your home. You chose and were chosen to come here to assist, contribute and learn from this divine unfoldment.  Each Soul has what we call a Council, a Soul family of brothers and sisters, and depending on what domain/dimension you are from there are 3 to 6 members including an Angelic . Each Council belongs to what we at Eros call a brotherhood – a cosmic civilization.   Each brotherhood has a focus in a particular area(s) of expertise. Your Soul’s has through its evolution developed mastery of energetics and is a family member in a particular brotherhood based on choices to evolve. There are many many brotherhoods in the Cosmos assisting both in and out of human form Gaia’s evolution into a 5th domain world.

Many are talking of auspicious dates between now and the end of 2012 that celestial events are going to occur.  There are events, interactions, activations that are occurring on Gaia and throughout the Solar System that have been seeded for a very long time by many of the Masters and Brotherhoods which include you.  The orbs in our Solar System upcoming December alignment with each other is the expanded 5th domain energetic interactions  of geometrics, colors, and tones of this divine state of love. You can see, hear and be uplifted immediately in the bliss of the celestial chorus that is singing a pure harmonic song of 5th Domain love that now is this Solar System and Universe. These events along with the additional incursion of 5th domain energy from the Godhead in collaboration with Evolutionary Souls in and out of form will lift many to an expanded state of the love and truth of themSelves, some even into Soul Realization.  You all know this song through your Soul, have collaborated as Souls for these times and have the capacity to know the truths within.  Many are calling this the ascension. This energy if allowed and surrendered to has the capability to lift those that chose into an expanded state of Soul in form.  If chosen to live in a continued surrendered state the expansion can and will continue for many.  Others may experience a momentary lift, remember it, drop back into density and later, by choice expand or not.  Still some will not consciously allow this exchange. Remember, all is in perfection and our expanding new world is continuing on. 



This orb finalized her birth as a 5th domain form on Dec. 31, 2011 into her new glory of love, compassion and joy and this is a continuation of 5th domain expansion for the Solar System,  Gaia, and all life on her that chooses to expand. The outward manifestation of this will be seen as more and more chose to live with an open heart with harm to none allowing  gently over time expansion of Soul in Form to come forth and through living in that state of being remember and fulfill their purpose for these times.  Step by step as more awaken this world will be created that will be only of  love, compassion and joy with harm to none.  Know that we all have support beyond words  by the endless love of beings in and out of form, including the Masters, our Souls and Councils, Angelics and so many more.


I wrote this article in Dec. 2012 where it was posted on the www.eroscommunity.blogspot.com.  It my privilege to be sharing with you, my cosmic brothers and sisters.  What I share here are  truths that have been revealed to me .  They cannot be another’s truth until they are revealed and realized from within.  May you be blessed with finding your truths within, for they will set you free. It is with great joy that I share with all my cosmic brothers and sisters in collaboration and co-creation of our new world.  Azura ~~ Deb Evans, erosdd@gmail.com, http://www.eroscommunity.blogspot.com