Our thoughts manifest our infinite

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When considering death and the physical acts that occur we must consider the reality of our eyes actions.  Since the eyes are the windows to the soul it is safe to say our souls look "without" as we live but develop "within" at the same time.  So in death when our eyes recede to our minds and our souls return "within" we have what we, in life, created for ourselves and our souls "within".  

I present this idea only to bring to light your life and the lives of everyone around you.  Whatever events you live in your life and whatever you learn from those events develop what you will one day return to.  So now you must ask yourself, "Am I AT LEAST content, hopefully very satisfied, with the life I lived and the infinite I have created for myself?"  With that question within you and your soul, you can truly discover what it means, and what it was always meant to be, to truly live free.  

Another important point I need to bring across to you is that the negative energies, whatever they may be, record into your same infinite.  With this comes the characters, I.E. The devil, "Jesus Christ the image" (note I say THE IMAGE) and the personalities we have given them for our infinite.  If I was seen as evil, treated as evil, and told as evil at every turn, I may too be created as evil...see the point?  Now this doesn't mean you're stuck with these characters, life gives you the great opportunity to come to terms with your miscommunication with...well essentially yourself.  

Maybe we fear death because internally we aren't satisfied with what is to come.


Love is divine for a reason, now we need to stop thinking we are in love, and start feeling that we are in love, and wholly so.