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when you are being present within the love you are. you can feel
it throughout your entire body hologram that you experience
life in.planet earth = heart is the being calling the shots here
with everyones life. this isnt going to come out the way your
ego desires it to.ultimately youre going to have to find out for
yourself whats going on, and thats only possible when the planet
says that its time for you to start inquiring and discovering whats
going on. you can only fully agree on information thats said to be true
when its been fully integrated into your body hologram. until then
youll be going with that which you do know in the present moment.
spiraling through eternal evolution. the reason why some beings on
this planet right now feel life isnt eternal is because they have yet
to integrate their hearts knowing in and throughout their system.

this by definition means its a planetary conspiracy, and all who
know whats up, or see whats up, or knowingly see whats up, are able
to talk it and walk in, those who do not know or see or knowing see
whats going on, are only able to walk and talk that. to discern the
truth from fiction actively and have it available to you consistently
is an abiding experience of your becoming. when its the opposite, its
non abiding, which means you got it here now, and then you lost it,
here now.discerning is not judging, its conscious self inquiry into
the truth for the truth sets you free and this is a soul knowing, its
why we are even able to inquiry at all. that which does not discern
is that which we are not, the conditioned egomind. were taught from birth
to unconsciously identify with it, the conditioned control mechanism
that is the egomind in which its nature is to not question that which is.

its nature is also to be repelled by all that is consistently.
the conditioned egomind controlling mechanism is sick, insane,and
100% contradicting. its nature is contracting,aka repelusion.its
nature is one of a push and pull also. its nature is to place you
into doubt, so you go with reason, its nature is to make you feel
guilty for what youve done even though when you did it, you didnt
know any better, and even when you know any better in the future
doesnt mean a similiar event wont happen to you, as soon as you realize
that youve forgotten whats going on for a while and are going purely
on your instincts, youll come back with the sight that you see
that you know that you totally went unconsciously unconscious and then
became aware of what is going on? oh right im unconscious, and in that
moment youre consciously unconscious and you begin remembering again.however
you forget that which isnt needed in the fore front of your awareness.
only that which is needed to know, to see, to know that you see, and
see that you know that you see that you know whats up in the here now
is what is necessary in the moment, no more, no less, thats how it works.
knowing and seeing that you know that you see and see that you know in
your experience is the consistent acknowledgement of your own divinity,
your similiarly uniquely equally multidimensional oneness with all that
is and its equally the same for everyone everywhere throughout the
cosmos/universe/on the planet.

so again this is a planetary conspiracy where the planet is calling
the shots for us all. and shes loving enough to allow all of that which
takes place, to take place, which is the planet catering to your needs.
which is also simultaneously what the planet needs from you to experience
and what you need from the planet to experience life together for all
life is 100% intimately interdependent of the all = one = = ='s = all.

youll also notice from your willingness to investigate this, that that
which is inevitably going to happen to you, you work with, even if you
dont know exactly what its going to look like youre still working with
the energies of the all that is = the all = = ='s, =. we all have
free will , and the more you willfully ignore the truth of your being
the harder the life lesson you have to deal with, but it will be done
with ease and grace = forgiveness = peace through your consciously
consistent willfullness to change your ways by learning about the love
that you truly are, in turn consciously growing and expanding , in turn
consciously changing your ways from unethical, to ethical living, in turn
truly loving and in turn truly living.




About  "you have

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About  "you have freewill"


We were "re-created" . Our DNAs were cut into pieces and foreign

DNAs were added to what we have  (Reptilian DNA, etc..We were given 

an additional brain (Reptilian Brain) Then, we were penned into

a tiny corner  with implants, plates, crystals, chakra separators, armors, devices,

veil of unknowingness. karmic matrices, manufactured  thoughtforms

(yes, most of our thoughts do not belong to us), even emotions.

cellular memories, cellular distortions and death...

Then, we were imprisoned inside this called Matrix , a grid system to

suck every living particle out of us.


Tell me, Hilarion. Where is our freewill...?

The only freewill the humans have  is the freewill

to be an a...hole.


That was the plan.

Not pretty.


Should we be discussing this instead ..?

What is your role in this drama, Hilarion..?



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all true yes, but we do have freewill to choose what we want to do now. the veil/net is going, we're no longer trapped, except in some peoples minds through fear, guilt, & the religion virus.. now that the frequencies are rising higher, we all will be able to see what's there, I have for 25+ yrs now...I just understand better what i didn't before.. You must allow yourself to trust.

Dear One, as far as i

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Dear One,

as far as i know...

and this is a POV

Not the truth to you,

but an opinion.....


there is only one true freewill.

that is the will of Spirit.

This freewill IS always done.

"not my will, but thine be done"

It is the divine blue print of each of our incarnations.


then there is the false, illusory freewill

that we humans think we have. this is an implanted thought.


For every move we make to follow this illusory freewill,

Spirit creates a parallel reality where Spirit

can experience all these probabilities.


Spirit is the Probability Field.


Say, you want to marry Jim and your parents want

you to marry that rich guy... guess what..

Spirit will create a parallel reality so that you can marry both.


So, in this Earth  alone , there were gadzillions of

parallel realities that were created.


As Spirit gradually descends into matter, ...

Spirit brings (merges) all the parallels into one point.


The human thinks it is ...its exercise of  its freewill again.