Privileged Accensus

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Privileged Accensus

What we mean by this is aspects in which our privilege is a given, from constructs, nominations, in a quantum world, fabrications which compose our thoughts and feelings, in accordance to the natural flows which exceeds the nominations… The aspects in which we are looking for at greater lengths, to advance a soul further in its evolution by passing on advents to “new abilities”.

What we simply are trying to say is advents to possible understandings throughout the informational fields which is gathered from what we can term as a channeling… While we are channeling, the information can be governed “grown” on a basic of predispositions, in many differing fashions, from accensuses which simply means the census of differing cause in privileged accents/accounts.

What this means has as effects differing causes in the remake* the concepts which abolish something new in the known fabrications for a general “round up” of events in the timeline(s) which we are seeding or seeded from (In Consciousness) of course.

The given means to adapt from a reselection of thoughts going through space at excelling speeds (Instantaneous) would give about means to have us understand that some beings (out there) may have access to what we can term a “Field of Information” which would be organic and extremely advance in ways which we could comprehend from “gathering” (Getting to) the general awareness needed for us to (See/Sense) perceive the fabrics of a universal mind, which could be composed of a group of souls, or beings, either organic, biological, or technological, simply as conscious ships, but in differing causes as on a much larger scale (Universal Nature) is best that I can describe it as in these moments… Which would know exactly in times of events and the (past, present and future) would be melded within (already known) “Timelines” to govern, bring about aspects of predispositions (Cognitive) future advancements in aspects which would seem irregular in moments which we could not perceive, experience, until we are within those moments, seeing, realizing, what the concepts written at channelings could bring about in subtle events, the predispositions in what we are managing to understand, at general consensus of how or what these may be in accordance to precognitions in advances of our experiences within moments of connecting, having those events, eventually gather some momentum for us to understand the generalized fabrics of what we are contending to when we are having doubts or questions about how these may become true to some people while we are within greater moments of the predispositions, or precognitions, to having written words, tell out aspects of a (surplus) in what we can achieve with what would seem as a universal mind, giving out the information by listening to it, which would simply be “Nature” for fabrications of new world ideologies in concepts, which would utilize the greater functions of that nature, in attempts to fabricate a concept which can construct on its own eventual states of being, to let us experience , by delving deeper within aspects which those moments of holding the type of energy for creation, manifestation, naturally build up, frequency, in attempts to get the information out, construed in many ways to develop something unexplainable in moments within greater care of events…

Simply put what you’re looking for has as effects greater predispositions in what the attempts in having them create the events/effects needed to understand these concepts while “giving birth” to something which may not be known yet fully for us to understand in explanations which would be “setback” in a sense until we gather some momentum and live the experience, while having it explained, to give about possible understandings in what these may be, while some others experience it differently, mostly in synchronicity, but this type of synchronicity is adaptive, to your life’s path from creations, manifestations, unknowingly or knowingly, for advancements in your own understandings to higher telepathic abilities or having generalized experiences with what I could term as the Universal mind… Being able to understand view it or perceive it in a way which composes a lot more understandings in how you could advance further in your evolution… Genome functions and much more.

Simply put something as miracles or impossible feats, in some ways you could get lost in all the fuss about what is generally happening while you are holding many differing frequencies in attempts to understand the universal mind or have it in attempts to advance you further in constructs for telepathy and having understandings transferred without the need to manifest physically.

Those could be contended in the near future for advances merely above the known factions, understandings for corruptive behaviors to excel in prospects and gather momentum to then balance the behaviors in generalized accents for differing causes in effects.

While we are attempting something in which we have, or may not have experience, in as much as we would like to have, for the momentum to keep stable as the advances in how those aspects could come to fruition, (experiences) are not of the general nature in how we are accessing informational fields within these moments, accents/accounts are within these moments possible feats in how we access the information for generalized attempts in creating a field, construct to hold as energy, frequency in attempts to have the experience come to fruition from the future views. Which simply means as effects a gathering of energy as a culmination for the effects to take place accordingly after what we can conceive as a fall, which has predispositions/connotations towards greater life events.