Quick Update

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When they said that things would start to move fast, they weren't kidding. Does anyone else feel like they are just being sucked into a vortex where things magically work themselves out? That would explain the radio silence on my part lately.


Last weekend I had a breakdown (aka breakthrough) after recognizing how stressed I was. A lot of things have been happening lately - and between difficult cases at work and the excitement of a new job and anticipationg of leaving my current one I just couldn't take it anymore.


Since then I've taken lots of bubble baths and have in fact meditated daily! That's a record for me. A lot of it is due to my lovely husband caring and watching out for me.


He also had some luck getting a job after being unemployed for quite some time. Now, things are looking up and I have faith that we will be back "on our feet" so to speak in no time.


In the meantime I'll be doing readings on days when I am able to, or when Spirit nudges me to do so. I'm always available for personal readings or Reiki sessions. I am hoping to get back to regular posting in two weeks, when I start my new job.

If you're interested in hearing more about our life changes, expect a post on my personal blog soon.


Spirit wants me to leave you with this message - just keep holding on. (That seems to be popping up a lot lately.) There is a lot of energy movement going on these days but the good news is that this is one of the final pushes. We've got Divine energies helping us out with 4 X Class solar flares over a span of a few days! Holy Cow! If you're feeling tired, exhausted, overwhelmed have faith that what is unfolding is of the highest order and take time out each day to calm the mind.

With lots of love & blessings,