Rederick, Are you There?

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Rederick, Are you There?

Rhetoric: Yess Mario, I am Here, what is your Question?

Me: Well it is about, the Structure of the Channelings… The Information Coming In… What does it do, or simply what is it for?

Rederick: Well Mario, as you well already know. The informational Fields Adapt towards the Pineal gland of individuals who are making remarks upon your channelings… The associations of the energies which corresponds to the knowledge of information kept secret or hidden from plain sight is deemed ratter unimportant in these times. But remember how to accentuate partials of the totalitarian grid project which has scopes of Informational downloads for beings to acquisate upon and delocalize perpetual agents (rituals) in other words (Means) the effects gathered for higher transparency by the equivalent formulations of thoughts which are expelled from reasonable intakes of these interpretational cords (Or advances) kept hidden from the general populace, to understand from a higher mapping (telekinetic Map drive) accentual compartments Derivatives of the advance assembly modules…. It comes in handy sometimes knowing something without truly knowing because it causes a structural synapsis in the pineal gland (Extraction Point0 for quantum algorithm to initiate higher frequencies) energies in beings who are abolishing perpetual rituals around the world (In other words Cyclic Breaks) and Counter-parted Intelligences (Ways to make for) an abundance in perpetuate states of logarithmic FRACTALS, Have accessible compartments or directives for the initiations which is interplayed in the causal structures of an advance assimulation. So how you incorporate these internal structures by assembling (bringing) you to a higher point (Singularity) in times by becoming aware of the implications of what this is all about… Mario I am but a being whom is capable to uphold the generalizations of what you conclude within your five basic senses (Sensical awareness+Pineal activity) conjoining with the effects of the etheric realms of creations. We want to let you know... Yess me and Amira. That there is a perpetuated grid mistake or partial grid structure of an advance assimulation in contemporal stopping points because it dissociates energetic grids (banks) of informational downloads Which are acquitted for beings of higher mappings… Beings of higher mappings are those whom corresponds to your level of knowledge Here in place on this earth with agreement forms to make contact with you in the future (Days or so) if you adjust and bring about a higher interpretational grid structure of the alliance or group of beings on this earth who are making parts in disclosures and what not… But, Ascension and the golden race is (has) proponents of our conduits in times where this informational grid track was changed accordingly, now has been Initiated into future realms and forms the right configurations for your genomes augmentation Mario and others (Seemingly without Knowing) how this is possible… It makes ways for greater interpretational stature strature or statuses of beings whom aligns with you in all pertaining fields of knowledge … Yess as disposed on Gaia… The network… and so on… So without further ado, we want to let you and Mylene know that the upcoming days are exponential in your creative capabilities because we will uncover secrets... Let you uncover secrets to the entirety of what is ongoing on this planet earth,.. As opposed to beings who would like to make greater associations in time by remembering their true Selves (or purposes)... But by remaking from the technological (Cords) we can come to greater terms in how this writing has been modulated (Extracted) for the right presumptions in-From on out of Paramountability… Those ships Mario which you made contact (Had contact From) Powering up, Yesss… It is predisposed for our algorithmic wave modulations in coactive study groups which portends to changes in the exo-atmospheric changes in a galactic and planetary wide exo-political scale of beings working around the machine’s Galactic core proponents of what humans are doing here on earth in this form… By allowing yourselves (You) to find better ways to incorporate the entire grid structures which are in alignments with your choices … What you want to do and accomplish or achieve (In meaning - Being) the structures of your advances in life and from there on out with your higher selves, contracts…. What has been made before your birth in the human form / body in these times… It is with great respect that we regard you as one of our best Integer (Parts) in which this makes this a possibility to handle truths which comes about from nothing… You see implications of thoughts which accentuates from the higher dispositions (A flower) in this case being the structural codes (Initiated) within the pineal… If you want me to transport you (By Bi-locating) we can d0 this yeesss….

Here listen to this,,, Aroumareckto is a Plant being living in another time (Dimension) and space of existence, if you carefully interpret the trees which lays dormant upon this earth (The fallen Ones) we can accomplish a great deal of Stats (Which are the integral parts of the stars in the skies aligning as antennas {The trees} incorporating the galactic structures of a super Wave)... Paul Laviolette galactic G4 cloud assemblies resembling a surf on from sound wave, productions uncompleted galactic proportions of interstellar communications by beings who likes to handle these “” energetic treads and so on… If you choose (So carefully) where you would like to teleport… Se here… In the Bahamas we have accentuated partials of the totalisation, or core production codes for your (Our) alliances and so on. But by delocalizing perpetual agents… Ok see here your stature (Hand Movements) when calculating from the galactic proptoironsd of energies emitted on out by Beings from all over the galaxy… The initials (Energy send on out by accentuations teleportation waves of Direct Lines of Contact associated with beings of greater importance than you can ever have imagined on this planet earth in every time) - AVAILABLE TO YOU… We want to say thank you for taking the time to ameliorate this planetary situation where areas of the world where in distress (Or as it seemed) far from it - Being the core structural energies bringing you up to a ship or command structure (If you want to initiate on partial things) Disseminating from the intergalactic associations of a hyper dimensional being (S) being the initial components of how we create in these realms (From) with the use of our Imagination… Once you connect beyond, you are incorporating the galactic Imprints of beings whom have worked far on your Earth (In disclosed areas) specifically antarctica… But those disclosures or “Enclosures” so be It PORTAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS can become associable to your genomes proprietary stature because of how we implement the ground structures for contact assisted (OR AMELIORATED) conditions in a Surplex or Complex structure held accountable for your well being in times of reminiscence 3 when complex emotions are coming up to the surface… These do not correlate with factions from outside our solar systems (Warden expositions found) please duplicate (Allocate) the structural codes for energetic impairments which will by then associate from a higher guidance the accumulated grid tracks of super-impositional mappings (Galactic mappings) of outer star systems in this Universe (Galaxy-Simply galaxy) yess mario. We have accentuated partials of the totality by bringing up about greater implementations of technologies in humans whom are Having a rather harder time to depict the (What these are all about) so take care, now we must leave as the Beings from your (Armies) Protection units are coming in, Namaste Leave with Grace we will see on out in the future how these things can accumulate at greater partials or totalities what we will Utilize to conclude with our senses, the structural energies (Depiction) of good and Bad allocated from terminological statuses stratures of beings whom are now implementing the galactic structures (Hyper dimensional Drive) and associations / Citations of the exportational realms made for contact, is / Has greater proportionate lineage to the intelligence found in here if we let you see with greater care Mario (What these Messages are for Yess) we will bring on about a Golden Age (The races - Beings) wh0om are working in a totalisation or core structural compound running about on the earth, observing and trying to create from their core of being (Beingness). Their energies are utilized for further constructions in the temporal spheres of a galactic command structure… Some know who they are and are working with you in times... But remember by having multiple alliances (Choices of interpretational cords from the energetic modules or from attachments) we simply want to let you know that the energetic grids which are working in complete (Or opposite) structures for your messages inner implementation of / from technological codes (Assets) have condoned upon impass4es on the associated fields of individuals whom are imparting (Embarking) on simultaneous interpretational states (Junctures) of associable energetic grids (Compounds of the anti-matter localizations from a temporal emission) Off-settle subtronic, sub-molecular based modules of interpositional maps from particle managements in the nucleons of exo-atmospheric variations within this cosmological (Interpretational) Able… Universe… And with these associations we can come to complete terms with the terminologies by having (Reading on out these words) asssssserrrtttions are needed in times but remember to take part in greater disclosures on your earth as to allow and become to know the aliens or extraterrestrials which are working Teaching (Allowing for a higher operation) in the nucleus structures, Mapping of an algorithmic wave data modulation (Ascension and Evolution) we wish you a good day farewell take care and we will see you again in future times reminiscence NAMASTE…. Please be careful what you do of this information as it is Without Purpose(S) that we Assemble the right numerations for a galactic commanding structural wave of internal accords (The pineal) activations and Supremacy (Internal adjustments) for bilocating into, from the subconscious, Internal (To exterior) Minorities, Minds-In expansion modules accelerating the convoluted prospections of time and what not... So by allowing this to come out. You foretell of greater events “on this earth”...

You should post this as soon as you see a hurricane triple in its strength with about 220 mph winds in effects from the oceans pacifique coming onto atlantic grounds and dissipating before it hits (The earth) - Makes landfall in other words yes… Alright goodbye we say, Luck but an initial compartment of what this compositional mapping will guide you towards in, from the future selves (Intact) within these galactic spheres (Spaces in time) but remember not to falter upon delocalized prospections of an intergalactic association (Citations here*0) because we have implied upon proper routes (Contending to your beliefs in effects of the “Storm” in other words) You shall know when to post this information as it has opposed the right submersible realms of Initiatives - thought compartments utilize for the Telek ground proportions.

Goodbye Mario & others (As disposed on Galactic Free Press) Here and Now… (From the Past Into the Future) - We assemble the right Proponents, Internal grid tracks for your assemblies… Connecting the past and the future together into the present moment of NOW (This information is the Galactic Portal) coming on out from alpha centauri now… Amira: Mario, we simply want to say (My race) that we have come to a conclusion concerning the lost of many lives on this planetary body…. You see the beings who are making contact with you (in times) being the malevolent ones… Have particular agendas concerning the effects of a group (Or race of Being) on this earth which they want to train, Or in other words Have at their disposal for their secure timelines (Or structures Seeing and having capabilities + With salve workers) from The humans capacities (Abilities) and What they can do As they come together (We the Humans) And from Amiras point of view, this causal interpretation / energetic wave module was created from intergalactic associations with beings whom are now beyond the fifth dimensional areas of experience dimension and Incorporation.

We Leave you With joy Goodbye Mario, May peace be with you and always ever has been from your knowledge of understanding how this life is possible in these times (With many Pictures) “being painted” placed on your planet for the sole purposes of your evolution and abilities to evolve as to gather and not fall down into submersible trials of being (Cyclic processes) of and the Old earth generated realities Namaste.