Rising Into Your Newly Expanded Co-Creative Roles

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April Bender (via Higher Self)

As last discussed, an infusion of highly refined, crystalline fire energy continues to saturate all local areas and/or dimensional levels of creation in its current state of Quantum Excitement or multi-dimensional potential. While much has been energetically “impressed” or imprinted within these new energies by those holding and emanating master key codes / codes of light or Dweller Consciousness, (as accumulated by successfully passing or ascending through various levels of spiritual initiation / experience during what some refer to as the Light-Body-Process LBP), there is still much work to be done in terms of pulling those newly impressed energies and/or thought-forms through the etheric / astral / subtle fields of existence, to give them life as a newly manifested experience or REALITY within the physical.

Therefore, Act II of this cyclical and seasonal process (think of the arcs on an ascending spiral – and the whole spiral itself as this Grand Ascension Cycle) will afford you and others the opportunity to rise yet again (similarly to last Spring but on a higher arc) into newly expanded co-creative roles. For you are being called, as the creator gods we know you to be, to finish the job you started at the Solstice, and to ANCHOR, manifest, or pull-through into the physical, all that you've recently impressed or imprinted within the newly refined crystalline strata permeating Earth and her / your fields.

For much like the threading of a needle, you've already designed, created and pushed a fine new colorful thread (your hopes and dreams for the new earth experience) through the eye of the needle, but now you must reach around the other-side (or external view / action) to pull that beautiful new thread fully through the eye-lit so that the needle itself can become fully functional and in turn, give birth to new forms of expression that are imbued with the qualities and characteristics of that glorious new thread you constructed. In this metaphor, YOU serve as the needle while the thread is symbolic of all that you've imbued or co-created energetically up to this point with your “impression” activities. The eye-lit serves as the nexus point between your inner / outer worlds and their forms of expression.
What all is involved in your new role?
Your new role, if embraced, will require you to co-create and/or express, in a physically tangible way, all that you've been energetically impressing recently and have been encoded with. Last year, I described this process as co-creative breath-work, wherein all that you've inhaled through your inner spiritual senses are synthesized (within body / mind) and then translated into the outer world via some form of personal co-creation or expression (out-breath). This is very much what is being asked of you again, but at a higher or more advanced level of initiative.