See Mastery with New Eyes

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Living with New Levels of Light

The New Expression of Mastery


Once we begin to manifest easily in the 3D, all that we desire and once it becomes easy, there are adjustments to be made.


New levels of joy, prosperity and abundance must be metabolized and synthesized. Once one finds oneself gifted with the greatest of a heart’s desire, how does one embrace that joy? How does one go beyond the feeling of “too good to be true?”


Well it is up to the light to do this.
There is a gap, or a synthesis period. For as your vehicles hold more and more light –the expression of this light needs new Avenues.


What does that look like? We are now beyond “Making the Dream Happen” and into “What is My Dream?”


Yes, those who have gone before us have certainly lit the way. Yet now we find ourselves at the threshold of that new domain.


All new dreams are now steeped in and around “Mastery.” All that you desire now is rooted in Mastery:  Mastering this 3D, 5D and on to the 7 reality. For what cannot be had with Mastery?


Abundance, Health, Destiny, Peace, Harmony, Right Relationship, etc. Yes, the Kingdome of Heaven and more.


Let they work be the work of a Master and Mastery Shall be Yours.


It is in every second. It is not rigid. Mastery flows through you, like a great river. Undefined, fluid, yet powerful. Sometimes it is a drop on a pond and sometimes a raging river—but it is a flow.


See Mastery with new eyes. See it when it happens in others.


See Mastery as righteous—as in the right use of energy. See beyond all that you see with your eyes.


See yourself as a Walking Master.


A Message from the Light via Giselle Koy