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Seeing in the all unknowable things that allows us to transcend our immortal states of being to further levels of perception, we cut energetic cords attach to previously unknown forces at play and begin a new system out of symmetrical synapses of chaotic nodes brought down by the almighty twelve fold flames of purity. We hold our space to ground the values of our cherished minds to allow for our hearths to commune in accordance to ones left out from infinity. We are 4, one left from existence, one of them is me while the two others are gone on s symmetrical trip trough out the dense areas of existence to come forth back with newly emergence codes for all to activate upon, Ones left far from this area of perspectives and brought to a new level of awareness altogether his name is Uëÿmæx'œ parts of these where created to help alleviate the conscious drop backs or fall from grace as you would call. The superconsciousness needs to be brought back in between the masses and we are tired of over looking into things while everything can be found trough meditation find your point focal point of awareness transcended your mind and body trough meditation and allow cosmic light to enter your body's a heal all known matter at hand which causes imbalancement and illnesses. Open your karèð'èkded minds and allow for a bodily transformation to occur. Transcendence is key to allow greater expansion of your conscious selves LEARN become of your true selves augment in consciousness reach for the stars and beyond... the cosmic rays allways have a message for us to receive if only we would go into meditation and be open to receive them your crowns would open up and have the ring around your heads that we can depicture in the religious scripts. Superconsciousness could then be enacted trough are bodies and bring forth mastery of our true selves living in harmony peace at One in the ALL of Existence. This has happened to me and I learn a lot from it experiences and they are unimaginable the experiences you can get once you transcend the mind body and work only from cosmic rays source and your intuitions. Vast amount of wealth in energy occurs once we get to the other side follow your instincts and gradually awaken from each single steps you take make a difference by becoming your own mastered self in physicality and become walking guardians of this Earth with all potentials needed for a complete transformation between worlds that occur on Gaia, Gaia is a planet crawling with life in and out play in harmony with all by having this connection to your higher selves and superconsciousness acquired trough transcendence and cosmic rays that flow trough us when we are open to receive them in meditation.

Nmaste Be at One