Sitting in the Eternal Circle of Creation

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A circle of dreamers sit in a circle of remembrance from all realities, in cosmic eternalness. The circle spirals out as a new person sits and adds herself or himself to the unity oneness.

The dreamers have their eyes closed and are deep in mediation. At the same time their own dreams are playing in the space of their hearts while a unified dream is playing within all of them, being different notes in the same octave of creation. They spiral out like stars, holding space eternally in this now for creation to birth from. These are the dream weavers of the new earth and we are they. They are cosmic higher selves and a more cosmic unified higher self of the all. I see how the humans tap into the spiral of oneness. Each being who taps in takes a seat in the evolving spiral outward getting bigger. More light is shining from the whole we are, as each dream weaver being is connected to an earth angel human doing the building from the architecture of the divine blueprint, and the one divine heart.

Many creators, many creations. The earth angels have their brushes out and are painting the vision of new earth on the blank canvas. They are like children who have been given license to express their heart out. There is great celebration this day and a coming together of hearts, seated in a circle on a meadow. Honoring and witnessing with respect through the eyes of love is happening. Love for the difference that each is, young and old and many looks and ways of being. All knowing we sit unified in the ONE heart of creation and here to express that creation with every breath through our being.

In great celebration of unity with diversity, in celebration of oneness, and in celebration of YOUR presence here in the circle,

Shannon Luminance River

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