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spiral of the galaxyAsking and Receiving on the Subject of Karma
A Download and Vision for the World To all Consciousness Ambassadors

I offer you a download and vision received in meditation in answer to the questions about karma. It begins in a question answer format in order to bring through information from beyond my own mind, from a higher source and perspective. It led to a fascinating vision for the world. 

Do you wish to share about karma?
Being in the stream of love releases the karma. Individuals, can see where they need to clear karma, on a personal level. What is that, what is karma? n the third dimensional regular world, Karma is the law of cause and effect in that your reap what you sow in life depending on your actions. We speak of the energy that karma is, in a form of multidimensionality, beyond linear definition as you have in the 3D world. We gift you a higher perspective from our stream of seeing. 

Pathways and Spirals: Love for the Self and Love for Other as a Metaphor

An image to explain - we see pathways as a spiral going inward and also going outward. To clear karma is to unblock of energy with others between forces that are polarized, between one and one, or many. What clears karma is to do good works, to serve and to love others as yourself. You can clear the pathways between yourself and others. The process is an internal thing, a shift in one's consciousness in which to see "the other" as a child of God, a part of God and having a right to exist.

The "other" is your beloved who appears in your mirror and yourself in a different way of seeing. All charges of emotion from polarization that arises from conflict, all potentialities based on remembrance collapse into nothing then to a higher octave that is the result of this clearing. It is like energy can take on a new form and unlocks from the old form. We show you the golden key which is unconditional love. Love them unconditionally from the heart and love the self. We show you pathways to the self that need cleared. Imagine a spiral walkway and on this walk clear shame, clear guilt,  open to self-love portal to the core within, the walkway imitates the galaxy of stars. We are ever circling. 

Remember that the seeds of conflict are in the self and when we see conflict in the world it may be mirroring the conflict within our own self. Self-inquiry can dissolve the conflict within so that is why our practices for inner peace are so important. That is why we are encouraged to be in environments which cultivate our inner peace and allow our mind to only receive what amplifies our inner peace. This could mean refraining from the influence of television, news, and radio, not to mention politics as the focus on these things can seed fear and discord within. The universe, our world in which we inhabit is the reflection of what we hold inside vibrationally. 

Love is what holds the universe together. There is divine order in all, and you exist because of and in concert with this divine order. We acknowledge and higher power and work in collaboration with that which is helping bring earth to a higher level of love. 

The spiral of love is you. Erase the of karma on your pathway.You are in your luminous galactic brightness, and you are in your dance of ecstasy like the Sufi dervishes drunk on the ecstasy of divine love! Both the inward spiral to you, your inner self, self-love and the outward spiral spin with love extending to others, forgiveness to those on your path; in the past, present, and future. It is the internal knowing of them, all those others we are connected to, in dimensions and lifetimes. Our work can be to clear the stories that hold any energy charge. An energy charge keeps us locked in, and locked out of love and potential for miracles!  

We show you an uplifting image of a spiral dance to music, your soul family through eternal space and time, offering a kiss or hug or eye gazing lovingly bestowed on each, given and received, to every being mirroring you as you pass in the dance. It is a greater metaphor to being the love we are, dancing the dance of life. It is a literal metaphor if extending love and forgiveness and connection to all as all are your soul family, the soul family of planet earth.

Imagine and feel this - that love, a pure etheric substance, can be poured by you on these situations inside of yourself.Pour love on those places that are unhealed inside you, and those places in with others that are unhealed. When you speak of your drama and problems to another, you are pointing to this unhealed place in you that needs love. 

End to all Drama

Remember the dramas you took part in when you engaged with others? Now there is only peace. There can be completions, like the play or drama ends its run. The final chapter has been played out on the individual stages of your lives.Let them also be played out on the grand stages.  As you no longer have charges with those characters, or identify as the character you once played. The cycle is over, the patterns collapse, the theatre ends its run. Go to the cast party and share love with your fellow actors with a bow and high fives, saying "well met" knowing none of it was ever real. We hold the pearl of wisdom from it all. The learning is there and we rise to a higher octave of wisdom and consciousness which we bring to life and learn the path of non-harming and the importance of serving. 

Charges that we have with others are like energetic strands of negativity. As strands of attachment, they are like hooks that prickle your aura and hold you enslaved in density and stop you from embodying the love you are , or receiving the flow of love you are. We tell you that the flow of love that you are is your higher self. The flow of love wants to move through you and move through everyone. 

Speak to us of Collective Karma...

I wish to understand this concept?  When your group such as a country attaches you to the group and the group represented as your country harms others, you have the negative strands. Therefore, out of the love you are , you can choose to clear the strands of energetic charge, and bring the energy of love to your enemies and end the drama. It is the same group to group, as it is one-on-one. 

"Witnessing" is the Healing of Karma

It is witnessing the individual harm your group has caused and being compassionate. This transmutation with choice for witnessing and compassion is an inner choice, yet it is also an awareness of Ahimsa. Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word that means non-harming, as the spiritual principle of nonviolence toward all living things. 

It is a choice to not participate that which takes lives and takes liberties away from others. It is to put the well-being of others before the well-being of entities such as corporations and governments that are willing to do harm. It is taking responsibility for how those that represent us can do harm in our names, and to take that power back. Ahimsa includes doing no injury to one's mind, body, and spirit as well. It is a beginning of the spirit of Ahimsa (non-harming) to everyone else.

Prayer for the World

Let this be a prayer for the clearing of karma, for the restoration of love, for peace, for non-harming as Ahimsa, and for compassion for all beings, including ourselves. Let us invite awareness  and inner transformation so that we embody the space of love. May everyone here change the world through compassion, love, forgiveness, clearing karma, awareness, and however they are called to do so. May we be aware of what is harmful to us and the planet and find solutions that are safe and peaceful for all, with reconciliation and restoration of justice.  May this become a heart centered world with a shift in consciousness so that we may solve the world's problems from the higher perspective- together. May the nations of the world be at peace. May the planet raise to a higher level of light, love and compassion and self-awareness within every individual. May we all rise to a higher octave of wisdom and consciousness. May all beings love themselves and express the love they are in the world.  A'ho and so it is!