Spiritual Work for All Beginners Part 5 of 6 - Shielding

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Source: Intl. Starseed Network - by Condolence, 7/7/13


Namaste my friends,

in this article I will be talking about shielding, This ability you must master to a degree that you use it passiv without even thinking about it. Shielding is very important if you practice spiritual work and also in many other situations. Empaths should really master this technique because you shield your self from negative energies. What I mean is, negative thoughts and energies exist everywhere.

Negativity normally does not exist in nature, negative thoughts manifest into the 3 dimensional world because we are the creators of our reality. So negative energies actually are an product of human thoughts. I wont be explaining this phenomenon in this article though but if you are interested I will most likely write an article about it.

So lets get started...


Shielding is used to keep these negative energies out. In lightwork that is very important because lightworkers channel positive or cosmic energy or reiki or chi or chakra, whatever you want to call it. If you master these steps it should be easy to shield yourself without even thinking about it like breathing.

Step 1

In the beginning you will have to get into a meditative state, later on you can do it instantly.

Step 2

Feel your body feel every inch of it. Start with your head and work your self down to your feet.

Step 3

Feel light and love coming from your heart and forming energy.

tep 4

Visualize your shield, be creative let it be what you want. Maybe a ball of light surrounding you. Or a Light Armor. My shield is a fiery Dragon that is holding his wings around me. The only limit you have when you visualize your shield is your imagination.

Step 5

When you have done all these steps practice in daily life. On your way to work, or in the office or even at the Mall. Just raise your shield and do it. Keep the image in your head as long as possible.

If you follow through all steps you should be able to shield yourself.

Remember there is no right and wrong, right is what feels right to you.

If you have any questions just send me a message or comment.

With the best intentions, light and love.








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Thanks for sharing this...you have explained this in layman terms. Very simple, practical and to the point. Kudos!



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This is useful information no matter what "level" of accomplishment one considers is theirs. Thanks for sharing.


Rain, I want to expressly say

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Rain, I want to expressly say....to you again what you share on here helps me tremendously. Kudos for sharing. I enjoy your post


Thank you Both

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Thank you, Sent and Ron for your LOVEing comments!

~ namaste