ST.GERMAIN ~ The Angels and Masters

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Channeler: Aruna Byers

Channeling my words can be the next move for those who can accept my guidance. My discourses on this blog are being given for those who are not able to channel this information as this channel does. But, they are also being given to encourage those who contracted to ascend to learn how to do this by themselves. Can you call me in and give me the attention that is needed? Can you decide how to discern the real "me" from others? Can you meditate, as a most important answer to our ability to connect? When you can do these things for yourself, my channeling for one and all can be even more convincing to the masses. Since the door to the change you are wanting comes with more awareness in mass consciousness, the "work" to be done is to help deliver that awareness.

Can you be a conduit? Only those who are able to be an observer, instead of a controller, can do this at the highest level of clarity. Mind will demand a reason for it to accept channeling. You can give it this one: "to bring more light to all of humanity, my next choice is to deliver the cosmic consciousness that is not available in your experience". Mind does not delight in an absence of its control, but it can accept that there are things it does not have any experience of. This can give it an opportunity to learn. Mind will go along, because learning about another condition of life is in its best interest.

Why doesn't everyone channel? Because they are not able to get to the detachment that is needed to discover they are not necessarily guided by mind all of the time. Yes, most of you are too mental to detach your mental activity from the guidance of your divine True Nature. Heart led advice has the most accuracy, but getting clear about heart guidance vs. mental guidance takes more of mind's agreement than a quick guess about an option to choose. For this ability, one needs to get quiet, be aware, and clear away the dialog that your mind likes to deliver.

No channel (of an average level of clarity) can deliver the Ascended Master teachings as an automatic result of their own decision to do so. Ascended Masters choose the channel! Can anyone channel? What do they channel? Can an observer of channeling discern the clarity? Can an answer of God come to anyone who channels?

All of these questions must be correctly answered, to become a clear channel. What are the answers? You must discover them on your own. Can an observer do this? Make it your choice, and all is possible.

Masters and Angels need channels. We need conduits who can deliver clear guidance to all of humanity. Are these messages available in all countries, and in all domains in your country? Why not?

Self awareness includes the ability to get clear answers from within. I AM is within ALL! I AM can deliver clear answers. Can you be the one who can get this delivery, first to your mind, and then out to others? Are you a conduit of awareness? Are you changing the world's drama with your heart and delivery of divine wisdom? No? The choices of any man or woman that calls themselves a "lightworker" must come from I AM direction. Consider choosing to channel I AM consciousness as the next condition needed on Gaia. Are you able to accept this challenge? For thousands of your years, channeling was a most contained ability, due to the fear of demons. Conduits were driven out of their homes and burned at the stake for mastering this common human condition. Memories of their disturbed attitude can cause fear of the ability. Can you do it anyway? Are you able to consciously choose to overcome the mind's objections because of your fear of being condemned? Are you being dominated by fear?Man will have no more major opportunities to become more aware than his mind.

No more details about the changes to come will be given here, because it is the mind that does all the asking about this. It doesn't matter which country dismantles its land mass before the others. It only matters for you to get out of fear and into more awareness. Choosing to ask me about details of land conditions defeats my gift of awareness that can lead you to ascension. Land masses will be destroyed. Are they going to lead you to ascension? No, they will lead you to fear and fear defeats an ascension. Mind needs to be learning how to be quiet, not about future disasters. Be quiet and get the guidance I AM can give to the mind. It will better serve the human changes that are needed to ascend.

What do you need to know now? Meditate, contact the divine source of I AM in the heart of your body. Ask for divine guidance. Contact the Angels and Masters through this portal of human contact to God. We want to help you ascend. We are waiting for you to hear us. We love all of you, more than your mind has any ability to understand. Channel our divine awareness. Be the change for all of humanity.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna