Take Part In Your Consciousness: What Did You Learn Today?

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Study yourself. What did you learn today? Always be conscious and aware of the lessons in all things. Do not allow yourself to get sucked into negativity, this is an illusion. Try observing your thoughts and see what comes up. Observe how your thinking affects you. Observe how your emotions react to your thoughts. Once you start to pay attention you’ll have more control over the thoughts. You’ll see that your mind is comparable to an endless movie reel, if you just let it run.

TAKE CONTROL of your thoughts, that is the only way anything is going to change. (I have to remind myself EVERYDAY). By controlling your thoughts you are deciding how you experience this place. Feeling angry, frustrated, depressed? LET IT GO! This is not you, this is not your true-self. It is in fact just an illusion of this density. I say this is not you because you didn’t come from the lower densities, you came from the HIGHER ones. The high-vibe realities are of bliss, joy, and love. This is you, this IS YOU. Don’t forget.

As you go throughout your day, be vigilant to create the reality you want. Continue to stay HIGH-vibe and sure enough, up you will go. Remind yourself there is no right or wrong, this is just a ride, go with the flow. The  more we start to judge the more we get sucked back into all those pesky negative feelings. Free yourself from your own judgments,  and you will reflect that around you.

It is time to stop distracting ourselves with external things. Instead of drinking your problems away, get in touch with them. NOW is the time to change yourself, don’t wait. Ask yourself what is making you upset, what can I LEARN about myself by determining that. By learning about yourself you will gain more control of how you want to feel.

The more you start to pay attention, the more you will actively taking part in your consciousness. It will then start to pick up speed, and the sky is the limit. Be happy RIGHT now, that is the only truth. Get outta your head and into your heart.


With my love,